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Cards Against Humanity: 2012 Holiday Pack come out of study. Diao said Why not call me So white waiting, if I do not go out today The tree bowed and said, I m afraid I shouted you and you will not ignore me. Dancing by his tone was also a little sad, sighed and said Oh, you do not say that. I will not be like this. Staring at her tree, softly said Dancing, I have something to tell you , We walk ok Dancing hesitated, looked at the table, it is now 6 o clock 10 minutes, from the time to meet there are 20 minutes. The tree said The time is still early, you do not have classes at night Dancing shook his head, took the tree holding her book, pulled her hand and said Let s go to the lake. Hand, poke in the skirt pocket, stuffy head toward the lake walk. To the lake, the sunset is red. Danced by a tree stand, whispered Do not go, what things to say, I have things. Big tree sigh, stood beside her Dancing, do not and I I do not have trouble with you, said the tree, I know you must be angry, do not you get angry, okay The time is too long, I can not stand. He raised his arm, put his mouth and said dance, you bite me a good or not, I can not get angry meal. His eyes, the tree flicker to hide, or muster the courage to accept her examination. Said The tree, you are deliberately, we this situ.ry refined hey, you always just a word to block my words. How to laugh, nose wrinkled smile, so he usually looks calm face suddenly look on the vitality, he did not pick up the cavity, smiled and turned away. Dancing immediately chase past, said Do you go How to say Yes ah, my task is completed, still doing this doing Dancing stopped, biting teeth, no sound. Why did she look back Cards Against Humanity: 2012 Holiday Pack and say, Do not you go with me Dancing a little coy, embarrassed, said how do I thank you I ask you to eat ice cream is good He laughed and said, What do you think of the world in addition to ice cream Dance and why out of the campus, why not speak, bow has been walking, the road has been someone and his Cards Against Humanity: 2012 Holiday Pack greeting, he did not how to Dali, some nodded some of the hey is also heard. He did not know what to say, always tilted head to see what, to the school gate of cheap cards against humanity the cold shop she stopped and said What, you eat the torch or the road snow or else Nestle How to stop and see the day, said Lin dance students, now is the winter hey, you are not afraid of cold The dance looked at the freezer and said, Oh, eat the ice cream without any winter summer, you are old and old. He laughed and said, I ask you to eat winter food, I can not stand you so foreign. He turned and pulle.

andering, see acquaintances on the past, dancing, but turned for half an hour, to close a bunch of graduation message book in the back Cards Against Humanity: 2012 Holiday Pack to the bedroom to write. Their school s book is a unified printing, dance this week has been in many of this thick green book to write, and finished on the above affixed to their own a photo. For this photo dancing and home bamboo back camera in the campus for two days, all the interesting attractions are according to a pile, the campus is full of camera recruiting graduates, it is difficult to suppress, they want to The campus to stay in their own shadow, as if this can catch a short time. The photos are posted on all the albums are the same photo, she stood in the secret garden entrance watching the sky smile, the lake is very green, the sky is blue, her red dress as if a fire, reflecting her look at the sky Bright eyes. Dancing do not know how many students can recognize this place, but this place as if she has some special fate, so she can not forget to give her safe and proper. She is Cards Against Humanity: 2012 Holiday Pack biting the pen against a lot of messages hard to think, home bamboo also holding a message book came. Laughing up Yeah, do you go to the campus around to find someone to Cards Against Humanity: 2012 Holiday Pack write a message Home bamboo laugh My book has long.not see. Thunder also laughed Oh, so I do not ask you to eat, so that you frightened, And I am together. Joke laugh ah Do not now afraid Thunder laugh, hand to hold the dance of the hand Yesterday, promised me, do not make so fast to go back is not Dancing Was touched by his mind, barely smiled and bowed his head. Thunder gave her a bowl of soup in front of her, and quietly handed the tune to her hands. If you were the thing I should know, I thought you would tell me, said the Thunder, how can you not ask me for the reasons for my late arrival, said the Thunder, The tears rolled down uncontrollably. Thunder quickly sat down on her side, with paper towels to her out of tears, reaching her Lanzhuo. Dancing watching the thunder, Zhang mouth and then swallow words. Thunder said Dancing, if it is difficult to say, do not matter. Diao said No, this thing must tell you. Thunder thought, said Then we go back to school, okay And turned around and danced with laughter facing the cold soup will be less romantic. Dancing as a thunder pulled back, back to school. In the evening, the school gate is always particularly lively, all kinds of small traders along the wall set up a variety of selling things, like a huge farmers market, from tomatoes to Walkm.pulled, dragging the pace to go out, that the playground on the transpiration of the dust and heat are so comfortable. Leaves fresh atmosphere and the grass of the fragrant mixed together, smell the mind Shutai. The Thunder is better, the fall of October is more like autumn, and it is the most beautiful cards against humanity geek pack time in autumn, and it is better than the autumn of September, said the Thunder, January is warm. Chuckle October is better not because of my birthday Thunder laugh have to be so obvious it Laughing, looking up at the sky, long hair in the waist drift. Thunder said What to see Diao said The sky is a variety of blue is beautiful, deep shallow, are good looking. I like blue. She pinching Thunder s hand What color do you like Thunder laugh I like color, whatever color can be. Diao laughed Oh, what is your chaotic character ah, the color of the book did not write the character. When you eat, the Thunder asked the dance How did you plan to go over it Diao said I did not plan ah, this weekend by the Games will account, the National Day must go home trip. Thunder said National Day I want To study the business hard, but you can take the time to accompany cards against humanity card ideas you out to play. Diao said how the National Day they do not leave the company Thunder said The.

Cards Against Humanity: 2012 Holiday Pack Began to sing her a person, and later people will sing to sing along, the sound is not, but the tears and hugs mixed together, this song seems to become a stirring echo. Singing for a long time, we did not say anything, all immersed in the atmosphere created by the song. The squad leader suddenly turned to dance from the chair to hold down, excited to give her a bear hold, shy shame to retreat, because the alcohol because of the atmosphere, cheeks burned red, she was eager to hide in a corner, the Heart all the moving and sentimental are vented out. But the cake has been pushed to the huge square cake reads dedicated to the eternal 94 financial. We all grab up a piece of the piece, not wait to eat a mouthful, a cake war on the fight, all Of the people are looking around to attack the object, the room moment cake fly together. A boy who is not familiar with the dance is also laughing and laughing he ran, he looked at the cake watching the dance, hesitated for a long time do not know where to wipe her, laughing and put the cake to his head, The boy dodged and put the cake in the skirt of the dance. Just now sad tears of people suddenly become a laughing child, dancing on the cheeks of the tears have not been dry, and everyone laugh togethe.ed that to wear Dignified little. But they are the age of the girls, where there are dignified clothes, only a cowboy suit like something like. Diao said home bamboo, wearing a cowboy is not very good. Bamboo thought Otherwise, inside the white shirt, if the TV station, but also wild. Dancing nodded, smiled and said White shirt plus three bone pants, seaweed like long hair, it is estimated that Shu will like. Home bamboo laugh In the end what is the three bone pants, I have not figured out now, anyway, wearing a dark blue is not wrong Of the dark blue cloth pants with a white shirt and then a cowboy jacket, put your hair tied up, should still be very refreshing. Dodo put on for everyone to see, the girls have the idea, the last three ring said Bamboo laughs Yes, so be it, so look good, clear water out of the hibiscus, how to do it, Natural to carve , you have to have confidence in their appearance. Chapter 44 The end of the audition, dancing back to school late. Bedroom only a bamboo home, she entered the door of a bamboo stood up, carefully look at her face, softly asked how Doubled wooden face looked at her, silent. Home bamboo a little panic, quietly followed her to see her off the jacket, put on a sweater, and quickly helped her to ha.

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