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Cards Against Humanity 90s Expansion ge Bamboo said I asked Their class, said that today did not go to their class of the big class, it is estimated to play truant.I want to normal, you are playing truant, not to mention him Duo said Do not accident ah. Bamboo said Do not bother you, do not cards against humanity 90s expansion worry about the blind, maybe two days, the day the clouds are scattered. Doudiao whispered Anyway, wrongly wrong, are my fault. Home bamboo laugh You Do not review, rest assured that your day, have been like this, do not you go back to the afternoon class must go to the class teacher is your class. cards against humanity q and a Afternoon dance class there is no mood, home bamboo regulations she must take notes, dance had to fight the spirit of listening to the notes, to the next as if the heart set a little, notes can keep up with. The rest of the class she went to the toilet, is ready to hear the toilet suddenly heard the voice of cards against humanity 90s expansion Guo embroidery ah, Lin Duo can do it, and a graduate student on the good, do not want that undergraduate, as if the man drank A night of wine, this morning into the hospital to drip. Several other girls are laughing and laughing, talking about. Dancing surprised, refused to taboo, open the door asked Guo Xiu the tree to which hospital The girls were shocked, are embarrassed up. Guo Xiu sai.dorms have a very strange equipment big horns, girls bedroom as usual is not allowed boys up, but can call, so every night the corridor will come one after another call 506 Chen Jia was looking for , 302 Li Mei quickly come down, 207 Zhang Min downstairs girls are actually looking forward to their names can be those urgent men call, but each time called to put a An impatient look, slowly dawdled to clean up, go out, came to the door but also said annoying. Unfortunately, dancing their dormitory has always been no one to find, quietly stay to sophomore, 8 people like to rely on eating in bed, watching novels, listening to music, chatting, like the amazing match, because rarely go out, the pursuit of People are less, we are happy, their own post in the post affixed to the pen word, self styled for the pig big ring, pig two ring, until the pig. Dancing this pig is the most embodied the characteristics of the bedroom, the morning never to point, are bamboo help, her bed sheets are more waste than others, plain will be in the position of the ass out of the hole. So that day suddenly came the corridor 421, Gu bamboo, please come down sound, 8 people are raised his head. It was the weekend, eight people opened the two tables are playing.

ce in the appearance of the teacher She had to raise the sound eight degrees, exclaimed Please the students to find their own experimental platform, pay attention to Each experimental platform has a student number, please students in accordance with the school number to find their own test bench The laboratory and disturbed for a while, and finally everyone found their place. Let s start the class, let s start the textbook. Today is the first day of the experiment. Before starting the experiment for the first time, let s start by taking a look at some specific questions about the experiment. Since she began lectures, the following gradually quiet down, satisfied with the satisfaction of the side to look around the whole laboratory, eyes in each student s face swept again, We know that chemistry is an experimental science, we set up experimental courses The main purpose is to enable our students to master the basic experimental skills and methods Suddenly, her voice a little bit paused she saw a man, in the window of a test bench, the mouth lug like a smile seems cards against humanity 90s expansion like a man the original, he was admitted to the Beijing Industrial Engineering Environmental Engineering No wonder cards against humanity 90s expansion you met him in the chemical building However, she quickl.r every day with the bamboo with the same out, reading books to eat ice cream, but still have a lot of things not the same, her eyes will pay attention to the surrounding, looking for that familiar figure, but has not seen. They also ridicule themselves, find someone to do There is nothing important to say. December 31, a dazzling eye to the dance and home bamboo until 6 pm still discuss where to eat, seeing the bedroom only two of them, and danced to the bed and said, I do not look out Eat, and use the electric cup to cook instant noodles. Home bamboo said how can the big New Year to eat instant noodles, we go out to buy a fresh milk cake to eat good Dancing hum chirping Lai on the bed refused to rise. Suddenly heard the outside of the speaker sounded earth shaking 421, Gu bamboo, please come down. Dance up and sat up and said home bamboo, who looking for you hey Home bamboo open the door to listen carefully, back and said do not know, can not hear who is the voice. Diao said Anyway, is not Jiang Chengzhen, you go and see ah. What do you do I said, I do not go, and you shouted, I said, I was not there. Then, stand up and take the bamboo s cotton, stuffed into her, and said, Hurry to see it, maybe it s a new year s wandering, and I do not.for the dance reply, Feng Yin cards against humanity new game on the first to refuse. Dance look up to see her, Feng Yin smiled and said something to the teacher Song, mildly expressed her meaning. Dancing feel funny, Feng Yin hate her, it seems that there is no less. In the studio, if there is a third party presence, Feng Yin on a little warm, casually find a topic to talk about, dancing and perfunctory answer one or two sentences. If there is no third party presence, Feng Yin immediately cursed regardless of dancing, dancing too lazy to care about her. So do not deal with, together with the program will be depressed to death, it is estimated that Feng Yin is also very clear this point. Who knows Song teacher happens to be willing to be convenient with people, not let them do the program, but also to Feng Yin responsible behind the scenes, dancing in front of the curtain, the two girls had to pretend to pretend. One month cooperation down, dancing very tired, Feng Yin, although known as the editor of the program, but what manuscripts are not prepared, the program is not seen when the silhouette. Dancing had to take the program all over, responsible for writing their own broadcast, every day in the campus shuttle back and forth, and a group of previously never contact t.

Cards Against Humanity 90s Expansion come out to half lying half lying half squint look absent minded, and then go back. To tell the truth, I was the first time to see so much with the data and charts of paper, at the same time in front of me. Sighed for a while, sat up in front of the computer crackling for a while, and then the inertia of the hand to the computer side to catch that cup. Catch a look, nothing at all. Pie Piezui mouth, I decided to change the mood to a visit between the tea. I think that the eighteen layers of me so a human up to five minutes, carrying a cup of boiled water into the Secretary of the threshold, suddenly stood by my desk side of the big man horror to. If I scream, now the situation will not be better Overlooking a second or before the clean floor, and then flatten the hands of the water sprinkled half of the cup, I said. As if to himself. The other person first from the pile of my headache in the paper looked up, pondering looked around the situation, gave a negative answer, No, he said. Lift the mouth of the mouth, I walked out of the cup and went to the table, said I thought the whole eighteen layer only one of me, the original president of adults also. The elegant gesture sitting in my seat, he readily took a page to see, but also the way.t her wake up the Thunder cards against humanity 90s expansion is buy cheap cards against humanity not the letter of the people, the family bamboo and her laugh together. Home bamboo laughing pumping, dancing on the shoulders God, you really out of embarrassment. Dancing also laughed is not it, just want to find a hole drill. Two people and laugh for a while before they live. Bamboo asked Later Dancing to the later things originally told the local bamboo, and finally said people graduate students and our undergraduates is not the same, ah, Thunder than we know any of the boys are mature, I talk to him to grow a lot of knowledge it. Bamboo curious looks handsome Dancing nodded handsome handsome, probably a tree so high, the skin is very dark, high brow, eyes deep, very taste. Home bamboo laugh What flavor Garlic flavor or green onions taste The song knocked her Do not interrupt, anyway, I seem to have not seen such a good boy. Home bamboo color Lin dance students, do not forget you have a child tree, and can not have a good impression on the other boys. Pursuit pouting Who is the man who has a boyfriend, and even the eyes of appreciation are closed Home bamboo pull the dance of the hand, pull her on the railing, said I just remind you, do not forget today you told me a long time love goods problem. Dancing f.

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