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Cards Against Humanity At Target put a phone call, a heart completely back in situ. At night with the family bamboo said, dancing smile how, is cards against humanity at target not what things Feng Yin have a way, she has any great ability, all things can shake Bamboo also laugh, scraping Her face look Yes yes, she is the Yee shake the tree, ridiculous not from the amount, right Bamboo frowned Yeah, my words simply pun, cards against humanity at target ah, Haha, you see Feng Yin and the relationship between the tree now in the end how Laughing how do I know, but since the tree know what Feng Yin trick, it seems that the relationship is near. She bowed his feet under the leaves of the leaves, long boots in the leaves of the stack, Of the earth. Home bamboo to see her, smiled and said But not to give you a ventilated letter The tree can have this long, has been pretty good. Dancing did not make a sound, long time only looked up and laughed In fact, now Think about it, that time I am also like the new grass is always old, thunder and trees compared, of course, more attractive, is not it Home bamboo laugh, for a moment before humming the lyrics Maybe I occasionally want him, occasionally inevitable Will be thinking about him, when he is an old friend, ah, also let me feel bad, let me care. And then tilted his head to see the dance You said.not be angry. Thunder bowed and asked so easy not angry it Chuckle laughed, pulled his arm hug Who told me You tamed the little fox Thunder a moment speechless, after a while, he said dance, you want to go abroad to study it Diao said I did not want to study. You know the London School of Economics Dancing shook his head, thunder, said Singapore President Lee Kuan Yew is graduated from the London School of Economics, the school is very famous, MBA ranking is also very forward. Diao look up to see him, Smiled and said how do you suddenly say this Are you longing for this school Thunder said I mentor had done in this school visiting scholar, more familiar with the situation, recommend me to read the MBA. Dancing stopped, pulled him asked You want to study Thunder smiled, pulled Continue to walk study of course, well, especially I learn this professional, if you can systematically to study abroad, or better. Dancing thought, whispered MBA to read how many years Thunder Turned around to see her, stretched out his arm around her shoulder, tight tight tight 2 years, before and after it may take more than three years. Dancing nodded, stuffy head for a while, only to rise to laugh Said Well, I wait for you. Thunder stopped, pull the dance sittin.

ious in order to save the blurting out that has not been filtered through the cerebral cortex. However, when this sentence spit out, or fragmented. Perhaps at this moment feel a long time not only me alone. Because, after I let go of disrespectful speech, clearly see him softly sighing look. A kind of no encouragement frustration suddenly hit, so I think no longer break a word, so Ming Jin retreat. It s all right. He smiled stiffly, bowed his right wrist under his gaze, cheap cards against humanity and I closed the door. What is the meaning of moving home Affixed to the back of the door, I found that the feeling of endless talk like a thorn card in the throat as uncomfortable. Rare courage to rise again, and then turned, gently moved the right joint, but after seeing the second person, immediately heroic shortness of breath. Standing in place for a while, until he asked the eyes of the collision, by the way into the lake calm deep abyss, I began to awkward up. That move home is ah, I mean cards against humanity at target you He was good to look at me all the wrestling sentence, and there is no point to reach out to help. So, I have only one person to fight, continue to play the war of words, would like to ask him will not come back. Until my last singer landing, he is still a good im.p but, he said, I came running because it was not a racecourse, but a chemical building Seeing that she had packed the tray and ignored him, and he was about to leave her. The arm, how do you really remember who I am Should I remember you Are you Jiang Zemin or Clinton She forced to throw his hand and rush to the laboratory for cleaning. An teacher, Cheng Yixin said, I am Cheng Yixing, Hua Yi secondary school. Oh, look at him, she said with no interest, the original is you ah. I m sorry, I still have a job, do not accompany you chat. Having opened the experimental room to go into the room. Environmental engineering professional inorganic chemistry experiment began. An Ruyan arrived at the laboratory, Mr. Zhang has opened the door for the students, the laboratory full of people, sometimes the spacious laboratory is bustling, bustling. An Su Yan to the blackboard, waving the students said quiet, said The students, please quiet Everyone quiet However, we can not quiet, when you see is a small broom hanging with noodles hanging on the podium position, under the noisy can be imagined. An Su Yan smile, this situation also encountered in the internship, she is not understand these students, why beauty can not be their teacher Is there a differen.e of mind in Beijing and so he came to you. Bamboo rubbed his eyes, barely smiled and said I will be in front of you out two Tears, in front of him are full of laughter, I see him the same. Dancing hug her shoulders You have been considered good, I see a lot of people now began to play the game. Back to the bedroom, a house, the table opened two. Why did the girls dormitory and the boys dormitory in line How to start the big swing hand Home bamboo laugh are also blatant, and then not see the needle, became all the people are soldiers of the. The bedroom exudes melon seeds and aroma of ice cream, girls wearing all kinds of cool clothes, chirping twist extraordinary. Dancing and home bamboo simply can not get involved, had to squeeze the rubbing took a towel basin to the water room wash your face. All the bedroom doors are open, or else in the opening of the table or in the chat, the whole dormitory as if there is a back to the light of the excitement, while walking side feel unreal, my mind chaos. At night she did not follow the family bamboo to participate cards against humanity at target in the activities of the class shift, a person in the campus free to walk. A small restaurant outside the campus is full of people, lively like a holiday, like the upcoming graduates co.

Cards Against Humanity At Target t it is no matter how he discharge, she did not excited reaction, genius Cards Against Humanity as if a tank of constant temperature water , Not cool is not warm, the temperature is not up to life and death How can i let him willing his charm has been invincible, in his own words is a woman from eight years old to eighty years old, there is no unbeaten under his invincible charm. However, this security situation on the partial life and life so that he had enough to defeat the taste of Gaixia As a result, he had to give up the previous fight all over the world of the ball girl trick, specifically stalker he does not believe that the security will be able to escape the charm of his cards against humanity at target network to go Rao she is diamond, he also cut her out of his desired shape to But also never a girl so that he was so always thinking about, he looked for her This afternoon, An Ruyan as usual in the preparation of the preparation room reagents, to hee and drilled in, Yan Su Yan could not help but lament the sky. Sister, what is your attitude to this Hee He and dissatisfaction to say, I was the only time on the peak of instructions, to help you work An Ruyan look at him really wearing a white coat, really strange To come to the big white actually wear a big coat Well, is not you take the to see the dance. Dad had to stand up, barely smiled Well, thank you teacher Zhang, then I do not delay your time. She turned to go out, stopped at the door, and turned back and asked Zhang teacher, you this time Test of the host is not Feng Yin Zhang film shocked a moment, then smiled and said ah, ah, forget you are a school, and should know. Dancing take a deep breath, Smiled and said softly So, teacher Zhang, I go, goodbye. She slowly withdrew, gently helped Zhang film to bring the office door, leaning against his office outside the wall made a while stay, eyes sour. For a while, she slowly walked out, my mind while burst of buzz, temporarily lost the ability to think. Chapter 47 To the outside of the TV station was a cold wind, dance was a little better. She looked cards against humanity ideas back at the building, tears could not help Qin Shen eyes, she waved his hand hard to wipe, and slowly go out. The mind quickly turned a variety of ideas, think of Feng Yin, my heart was a colic. She went to the bus station, stood silently, did not mind, suddenly saw a man standing in front of her subconsciously step back, hear the tree quietly shouting dance. Morning tree mother gave him a call, let him go to the television station to support Feng Yin first recorded prog.

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