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Cards Against Humanity Best , would like to teach him again, and feel that they are wrong, do not know how to speak well The trees laughed and said, Well, let s go, how do we go to the cafeteria Diao grunted and said, Do you have anything for every cards against humanity download girl Do you practice this skill Then turned and walked a few steps and stopped and turned and said You are not allowed to follow me. Then the arrogance of the far away. To the cafeteria, dancing read for a long time, decided to come to a porridge again salted egg, and then to point fried rice noodles. She is so hard to get early, to the early to buy the delicious things are tasted. Buy a good early, dodging pick a window seat to sit down, satisfied with the Pa cards against humanity new game pull fried rice to the mouth cards against humanity best to send. Suddenly saw the child tree came, sitting down across. Dance down the chopsticks, said You are really boring, and follow me what Do not want to talk to you. This is not a rogue look Trees do not speak, boring head to eat bread, dance hesitated a moment, also continue to eat. After eating, the dance stood up, the tree also stood up and danced to see him, said You do cards against humanity best not have to go, porridge has not finished it. The tree does not speak, faceless expression with her , Dub a grunted, do not know what he sold in the gourd medicine. D.there is such a talented and handsome young boy, so gentle like water, affectionately staring at you, how can you not tempted The After all, she is just a mortal Now the situation, she has no control although her sensible side of the hoarse and constantly trying to remind her to face She has been stuck, and now, only a trace of dying awake still linger. Come and see her silence, know his words she is listening to, and he will not go on. Knock knock Some cards against humanity best people knock on the door. An Yu Yan in the past to open the door, came in Cheng Yixing. When he saw Hee hee and was there, he was unhappy with his face. Hee hee and hurry to leave. cards against humanity best Come and a walk, Cheng Yixing asked He did what Is not that bad thing No, said Ansui Yan, but to ask me not to participate in the Spring Festival organized by the Graduate Association. No He pulled her anxious to leave his shoulder. You have just looked heavy and can not be so easy She insisted on bow without a word. He pressed her tightly into her arms, clinging to herself, and said on her head, Ann, know that you have to believe me You must believe me How are you going to go She could hear the pain. And all the hidden dangers are in that spring after one by one exposed out. After the May Day , Cheng Yixing in.

d laughing, dancing by her look uncomfortable, simply turned and looked at her Feng Yin, how, and I said something Feng Yin laughed Hey, you take the initiative to talk to me. Diao said You look at me is not me to talk to you Feng Yin laughed That is not, I want to see your color. Rest assured, at least than the child is a lot of trees. Diao bite the lips, know Feng Yin deliberately provoked, she Shenqi gas, muffled, said Feng Yin you are very strange, from all your previous performance, it seems not I hope you and the tree together, now as you wish, you do not hide to win the fruits of victory, but also with me entanglement to do Feng Yin mouth twitching, but immediately laughed dance, victory Fruit You do not care about the fruit of the situation now Really cruel. Diao end of the basin, want to go away immediately, think or not reconciled, and then said Feng Yin, if you really like trees You will help him, if you just want to see us break up, then you now have fun to go, and then play it down, there will be no fun. She finished the sentence on the thump thump out of the water room, ran back to the bedroom off the door. Home bamboo asked how to wash the face was not clean, wooden face. Dancing the bamboo into the book, muttering things t.uilt Big tree nodded Yes ah, the old lady put the boys up to the girls carry luggage, it seems the old lady is still hurt you Well. Dance to the tree at the door, etc., took the door and the four syllabes farewell, out of the package to the tree hand a plug, go forward. The big tree laughed Your action is really flowing. Dancing also laughed I am having the experience of getting rid of the burden. The tree to the backpack cards against humanity best to the shoulder, put aside a hand to Lanzhu dance shoulder, two people talk and smiled down the floor. Think about it Do you want to tell the tree last night Hesitated and hesitated, or did not say it. The trees are talking about the dinner last night and talking about all the fun things of their team members. And talk up to find her, did not encounter things. Duo interrupted him trees, what do you do summer vacation How to arrange Big tree thought eat sleep and eat, and then about you out to play shopping, how Dancing pouting others summer arrangements for internships or social surveys, that is, what you are doing nothing, special eat and drink. Big tree a little embarrassed, the probe look at the face of the dance, said My father said that their units can give us the practice of reporting the chapter chapter, do not ne.e You tamed the little fox Thunder a moment speechless, after a while, he said dance, you want to go abroad to study it Diao said I did not want to study. You know the London School of Economics Dancing shook his head, thunder, said Singapore President Lee Kuan Yew is graduated from the London School of Economics, the school is very famous, MBA ranking is also very forward. Diao look up to see him, Smiled and said how do you suddenly say this Are you longing for this school Thunder said I mentor had done in this school visiting scholar, more familiar with the situation, recommend me to read the MBA. Dancing stopped, pulled him asked You want to study Thunder smiled, pulled Continue to walk study of course, well, especially I learn this professional, if you can systematically to study abroad, or better. Dancing thought, whispered MBA to read how many years Thunder Turned around to see her, stretched out his arm around her shoulder, tight tight tight 2 years, before and after it may take more than three years. Dancing nodded, stuffy head for a while, only to rise to laugh Said Well, I wait for you. Thunder stopped, pull the dance sitting on the roadside chair, squatting down to look at her, smiled and said So easy to wait for me to come bac.

Cards Against Humanity Best only word that can describe it. Because after heavy silhouette, it is erratic like in another world. No one can be close, maybe just make people feel very close. Aware of the left hand wet towel force more and more light, only to find the futuristic just now. The towel from the face to take down, cover up the clear voice clear. How was the recent life He asked. My mother she did not do it in the ballroom. The hand was not idle with a towel, I said. Oh, that s fine. His reaction was like me. She flesh cards against humanity I took the thread on the towel, dragged the tail, made a pre Qin, that is, my sister s sister s mistress. Complex relationship, even the explanation is very difficult to have. Mistress He is a humble, pondering the word, that is different for you No difference, she is still the kind of schedule, but every day to face, is the same man. Heard that he stood up in a disagreement, leaning against the rooftop railing on my side, facing the night of the city. At this time Wanlie Jingjing, I and he, who did not speak. Only interspersed into my ears, after a long journey to the wind here. You do not think she is invisible to bear some of the things From this moment on. For a long time, he said, cool cool night wind blowing his stubborn standing toward the s.ty not to be afraid, alas, after something on the creak Doubt polite a bit, put the phone. She silently put the phone back to the original seat, and silently went outside, with the Song teacher called to go out, Song teacher shouted her dance, do not like this Opportunity or some, after a chance I must be the first to recommend you. Dancing nodded, walked out. To the outside by the sun a photo, dancing feel dizzy, she helped the pillars stood for a while to continue to aimlessly go. Do not know where to go, do not know what to do, is that the chest blocked a large stone, push also can not afford to swallow, pharynx swallowed, so choking, so she can not breathe can not think. For a long time she was back to God, found himself standing in a secret garden. She squatted down to see the lake gurgling flow, smell the holly tree distributed cold taste, tears one by one to run out from her tears fell to the cheeks and fell to the ground. Dancing with his knees squatting, decided to feel badly, simply can not straight up, do not know why, suddenly think of why take her to the secret garden scene, feel so far can not recall, as if the time has been for many years, as if already Jump out to see that silly girl, dancing thought silly ah, thought that.

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