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Cards Against Humanity Expansion 6 iet, can hear the persistent insects are still noisy voice. Some people can not be offended a little bit, or she worries that you tell her about the summer vacation, the first start is strong, she said. Bodhisattva It s really sick, she s the idea of who has the effort to give her publicity Bamboo asked After the start of the tree did not contact you Doudou not say anything, after a while said Well, start a week for a week, did not come to me. It seems that is so break up. Bamboo House, she did not speak. I was so impatient, and now he did not appear, but I felt uncomfortable. Bamboo laughs how, you want him Then you take the initiative to go with you He explained, I think he is jealous, eat like a vinegar explosives package. Sister sigh Well, I do not explain it, do not mean that. Bamboo and asked Thunder This What happened to the fuse I laugh at him I met him once, and said the instructor went to a place to study and come back next week. Home bamboo yearning to say Oh, so good, if I can read graduate students just like. Diaoqi asked home bamboo, you want to graduate without Is Kaoyan it Or work Bamboo said Our family conditions are not good, or work as early as possible, so my parents give me tuition, I can be embarrassed. Chuckle I do.wly out. For a moment, the big tree said how do you want to do things on television Dancing to see him how do you know A tree point of a cigarette, smoked Feng Yin said In the afternoon, I saw Feng Yin and the trees, and I kept a little bit of my heart, and I did not know what they were right now. She suddenly did not cards against humanity shopping speak cards against humanity expansion 6 too much. The tree said TV things you do not want to hold too much hope. Some things are not so absolute. You have to be careful. Dancing stopped, puzzled to see him What do you say Meaning the tree also stopped, bow puffed, a long time before said Feng Yin also want this position. Dancing sneer You are too worthy of her, she wanted to be able to either The tree whispered Anyway, you are careful, I do not know where you progress to the step, and if you have not signed the contract, they quickly signed down, justifiably. Dancing biting his lips looked at him You Who is the inside of it The tree looked up, looked at her, for a long time sighed I can not say too much, you do not hesitate to do it. Do not put my words when the wind on the line He threw a few mouthfuls, threw away the cigarette butts, his hands in his pants pocket, his shoulders, bowed his head, and stepped on the cigarette butts at his feet. Duo looked at.

not want to read any more, how good work, I want to work Chapter 23 Home bamboo this semester elective two economic law, homework significantly more, all over the weekend full, even more frequent to the library at night. There is no matter to dancing, sticking bamboo to the library. Their library is very old, narrow window almost landing, outside the window is a dense branch, turn to cover the sun. The floor of the red lacquer mottled, the wood seems to be damp and soft, dance each time walking up to feel the feeling of stepping on the carpet, immediately cautiously. Study room in the third floor, through the black shadows at night, you can see a piece of mottled blue sky. The desk of the study room is a large long table, with cards against humanity expansion 6 a dark black paint. While you can let three people lying open reading a book can sit six people. Dancing favorite to choose the window of the table, she sat next to the wall, from time to time looked up at the sky outside, looking for flashing stars on the blue sky. Long window above the window opened half of the early autumn of the wind a little cool, pulling the opposite of a person occupied by the book, crashed to turn a page and a page. The sigh of a sigh, looked up and saw a boy at the same table smiled and loo.his place do not know how to design, Here, the nausea is dead. Two people put the bucket on the shelf, undressing the bath, the cold water column washed down, danced and screamed again. Home bamboo laughed. Bath, the girls are out, everyone in the hands of the end of the basin of water, across the water, the station to the door, take the basin of water feet. cards against humanity game Said Look, this is the way we solve the problem, only I went to the General Office to say. Bamboo side of the edge of the bamboo side, said That is not a sinking sea Dancing sigh, raised the bucket upstairs go with. Bamboo to help dance with the hair dryer blow hair, said The hair is a long time, the following a little fork. Dancing to send a little lift to the front, looked and said Yes, I want to cut points, I m not afraid of the cold in the summer, and you hastened to get the lunch box, and I almost starved to death, she said. To the teacher canteen to eat well Their dishes a little better, we eat two small fried, and then take a walk back Dancing nodded, took the lunch box, the wet hair suddenly cards against humanity expansion 6 thrown back, pulled the bamboo hand out The Teacher dormitory area at the other end of the school, they walked slowly toward the sunset, breezy dressed in a dancing hair, she suddenly said.before that my hand cold, yesterday went to the city to buy back It s good for me, he said, he s so nice to be here. , Face affixed to her sleeve home bamboo, really envy you. Home bamboo laugh fool, a pair of gloves you are so moved Thunder is good for you, how do you not move I ll sleep for a while, and you will not talk to me. Dance at night to get up, a room girl chirp chat to eat, so terrible, dancing lying, had to get up. Home bamboo said are lying for a day, this time up for cards against humanity discount what, it is better to sleep tomorrow. Chuckle up my face to wash your teeth and then sleep well.I feel my stinky, out of several sweat. The third ring said Come on, your thunder in the afternoon so many times are not seen, come back at night, how do you have to say hello with others. Dancing do not speak, the end of the basin slowly swallow Swallowed out and heard the thunder in the corridor to call her name below. Home bamboo chase out, said You go to a trip, snow days, do not let people run around again, and then how pique do not be too self willed. Dancing ignore her, go to the water room, home Bamboo took her washbasin, put the cotton coat for her, made good and evil to push her to the stairs. Dancing slowly downstairs, saw the thunder standing in the hall.

Cards Against Humanity Expansion 6 re, but also conceal fear. He raised his hand Wipe the lens, continue to say Do not know how many years later we can like this now, the economy together, brothers and sisters This sentence seems to percussion in the heart of all people, dancing heart heavy pulling a bit, tears bone Get out of the eyes, she hurriedly rubbed. The squad leader said Perhaps we should not expect too much, just remember that we have shared a period of the best years, just remember that we have no talk about friends, just remember that we have prayed together tomorrow, is enough. He took a bottle cards against humanity expansion 6 of beer up to drink. The squad leader of the moment the moment ignited all the people, we all have to stand up and the side of the glass and the students around each other to see each other, dance also breath full of cold beer to drink. A few cups down, her heart beat violently, cheeks quickly become red. From the situation as if an awl, tingling all the nerves, the table of the dishes and not many people to touch, the table of beer but quickly on the clean. Dancing to drink later, that the whole person suspended, although the consciousness sober, but difficult to control the pace, she had to stumbled to find a stool to sit down, arms on the table barely insisted his he.uddenly saw them parked in the shadow of the tree, Guo embroidered Zhang Guolin s neck clotted up to kiss. Dancing a fool, abruptly shouting into the pharynx, shy laugh and want to see cards against humanity expansion 6 and embarrassed, in the end or intently to read, and dance thought, kiss finished, the up to the bar. Quietly, etc. Guo Xiujin floor, the results of the two of them also nestled in the shadows of the trees, twisted twist like a twisted, dancing surprised to see Guo Xiu s clothes were lifted up and put down, put up and put down To go for the embroidery for Guo embroidery, it is embarrassed to look down, turned back to the corridor. To the bedroom door, dance hesitate to go to the door, and my heart feel trouble, I hope Feng Yin is not in the bedroom like. Suddenly the bedroom door opened, Feng Yin humming the end of the face plate out, almost and dance hit, two people screamed. Feng Yinxian first laugh I just want to push the door, you come out. Feng Yin laughed go to take a bath do not dance Shake the hand ah, you go first. Quickly into the bedroom, who knows Feng Yin also come in Dancing, the evening is with the graduate who went out Guo Xiu said surnamed Lei I can not help but say I do not have to report to you is not it Face has been red. Feng Yin quickl.

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