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Cards Against Humanity Free-shipping ed and nodded and snorted. Only in March, the mosquito flies have been in the chaos of the chaos hit, this summer Oh sorry like shook his head, do not look like, the opposite of the saliva is splashing students a faint sigh. Uh that Lee students, you, what do you say to me uh, better advice Suggest Did not listen to any suggestions Wore a fog, I shook my head. No other opinion As if not sure to ask the side, then smile, that, then you agree Locked brow, what did I miss Do you agree to attend our 400m hurdles on behalf of our group Shabu to the sound of the whole group of ten pairs of shiny, bright and dignified outside the wings of the eyes did not discuss the concentration of my hair under the neck above. Slow motion down to hold the chin left hand, inexplicably facing many eyes. Obstacle race Gently spit out the three words, everyone nodded in unison. Look around, this is my comment. No interest. There is the end of the last word to complete the three words of the game, I stood up. Would you like to run the barrier Leaving the run does not run the first problem, the key lies in the obstacle race, the three words and I have anything to do I am not even the general audience of the Games are not interested in the people, le.tune is not good fortune, the words said. Fang Zong solemnly caught the bamboo hand into the lips of a heavy kiss dance is not wrong, is My good fortune, you can rest assured that I will not live you stopped and said Well, do not make good fortune. Two people journeying to look at each other, for the time being to forget the existence of dancing, laughing at them, heart twitching, dipped in tea on the table indiscriminately scared, heart chaos shouting Thunder, Why should you bear me Tears almost flow down, she quickly looked up and looked at the family bamboo and square smile. Chapter 50 98 years in May, the cloud clear wind, dance dragged a big bag back to school, into the school all the way and know people say hello. Leave the campus for so long, we seem to have become freshman freshman, on this green grass, trees and verdant campus is full of love as the first love. Silence for so long cards against humanity free-shipping dormitory and lively up, the corridor shuttle busy girl, all the dormitory door ping bang, balcony colored clothes facing the early summer wind show. Laughing open the bedroom door, put down the bag and everyone cheek Oh, I want to die me. Do you want me ah Home bamboo pushed her Hey, do not take wet The sweaty face to rub me.How do you go out to find a.

d how Sorrows sigh home bamboo , You really do not like him Home bamboo finally put down the pen, rubbed his fingers not like like do not like, as if it is very familiar with the old friend, facing the mountain to drink a day of tea do not have to say a few words I have been looking for a word to describe the feelings of the other side of the column, not anxious, is serious, he said, I do not know how to do it Think of it. Duo holding a cheek looked at her, with the hands of the pen knock on her notes really Is not the feeling of heart and love Home bamboo laugh Well, others say that life must be Vigorous love once be considered no white live, I was not looking for the kind of electric touch what the feeling Diao laugh After the end of the fight, how can not be paralyzed all year round. Bamboo also laughed , Pushing her arm This is not like the words from the mouth of a love expert. On the morning of October 22, when the bamboo came up and went to the bed of the bed, the cold hand on the waist, dancing screaming, home bamboo laugh up, birthday, happy birthday. The other girls came and told her that the birthday was happy, danced one by one, and then said, Please eat the cake at night, and I must have bought it. End of the morning class, d.wn good children, do not worry about me. Dancing stare to see him , The big tree lap a circle, beard twitter, hair is also messy, though still wearing a long before wearing a blue white T shirt, but as if for a person. Sad heart sad, tears misty eyes, she quickly escape the sight of the trees. The tree looked at the dance, whispered Dancing, after you do not see me again. Diao looked up to see him, did not speak. The tree went on to say, I, I should have been responsible for my own behavior, and I have been troubled by you before, and you are not right. Do not worry about yourself, take care of yourself and take care of yourself. Then rush to run away, while running side of the red eyes, as if the heart was torn, half of the chest in the residual, half in the dance where crying. Dancing was the words of the tree to live, she did not move, stared to stand for a while, the early fall of the Indus leaves Huhu long leisurely fall from her eyes. She saw half a day of yellow and green leaves half of the leaves, red eye socket. Home bamboo in the dormitory downstairs and other dance, see the dance slowly walked over to pull her said how, but also by the bully Dropped pout to see her, shook his head. Bamboo said What do you say Dancing sigh Bambo.rt of the heart, cards against humanity free-shipping not the burning of the burning, but trickle clean. With some seemingly no language, subtle graceful text, to convey a kind of unspeakable mind fit. Affection flow between, to catch and catch false, to drive and drive away, so gradually with, brewing, fermented cards against humanity free-shipping she wanted to heart. Hee He and his hand shaking in front of her, Hey Hey She recovered and disguised her smile. Sister, hee and asked curiously, what is it Nothing, thinking about your problem, she said, your question is so great that I do not know how to answer. But to ask what kind of boyfriend you want cards against humanity ecards to find it, do not think too much Come and said, Well, think for so long, you can tell me, how can you move your heart I do not invade, no one can move my heart, unless he is love How is your love definition He asked. I have not seen it, she said helplessly. You will see Outside, Cheng Yixing leaning against the wall, in the heart so to say. He will not be silly to ask her love what it is like, her love should be his like this Cheng Yixing has come for a while. On the road waiting for a long time did not see the beauty of the silhouette, he thought she must go to the laboratory. To the front of the research room, was about to knock on the door, which attra.

Cards Against Humanity Free-shipping ungry Thunder said I am in college when the school helped the kitchen, the dishes are fried with a shovel, where to ensure that all stick Oil, so the last end of the time, are poured into a layer of Mingyou. Dancing ah a cry, nodded. Did not eat two, her attention to the next to a pair of body to go, and that two people end of a lunch box, with a spoon you feed me I feed you a mouthful, are happy to eat. Duo for them to feel dirty, and feel funny, one by one to secretly see, ineffectively smile slowly. Thunder asked What are you laughing Dancing boo a cry, made a wink to see the Thunder, the Thunder also laughed. Said Oh, really, where the affectionate to this level, and even the lunch box spoon are saved. Do not dirty Thunder laugh You do not know what, this is called Xiangruyimo. laughing out loud. Eat the meal, danced to the lunch box pushed to the thunder, threw her to wash clean, stacked on their own lunch box, together with the end. Laugh Well, our school this dish do not know how to design, the momentum so much, I always rushed a water, your arm cards against humanity new game long, finally a little advantage. At this time the campus is particularly lively, we all eat water, the campus bustling crowds. A boy carrying six hot water bottles in his hands, shouting a.out. The tree did not keep up, he sat back on the stone bench, holding his face whispered crying. He did not know that the dance did not go far and looked at him silently behind a tree. Cried for a while, the tree that someone pushed him, his eyes blindly looked up and saw the dance standing in front of him, handed him a pack of paper towels. The tree did not pick a towel, but a clinging to the dance of the waist, buried in the arms of the dance, choking back and said Dancing, you do not torture me okay I am too uncomfortable. By his holding, that his tears are rub in his clothes, she stared at the tree s hair, heard the crows of the campus flew over the woods. Chapter 25 After a while, the chant said The tree, you do not cry. The tree looked up, cards against humanity free-shipping eyes looked at the red dance. And then handed the paper towel to him, the trees took over, eyes or staring at her. Dancing down his head and whispered The tree, you go back. The tree pulled her hand Dancing, you do not leave me, okay cards against humanity free-shipping Dancing did not answer, gently out of hand, hold Own books, turned away. Big tree crying like this one, as if diarrhea, infuriating, and sometimes can not afford to dare to chase dance, can only sadly looked at her back, heartache, cards against humanity expansion packs such as twisted. Thunder early to t.

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