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Cards Against Humanity Holes ke you feel that can not tell Looked up at the day, and I decided to pull out the third eye in ten minutes today. She has only one job for me, that is my mother. I said. Is it like a man who is a mother of a family and a dancer or a mistress. The nose tube issued a monosyllabic, calmly looked at her, no one at home no money and no one love the woman, but also not only a hall. Voice down, I quietly standing, while the mind clear above the words from the lips and teeth spit out, the expression is indifferent. However, the person who took this sentence as a whole, seems to have no such calm and demeanor, because in the next second, my life for the first time to let the palm of your hand touch on my face. I still remember that because of the external force, the whole head deflected to sixty degrees of feeling. Involuntary, uncontrollable, inertia backward. At the same time, both sides of the long and short hair all the fly to my left cheek, gently touch the beginning of the hot left face. Leaving the mouth slowly back, my first line of sight is behind the place behind her. It is a ray of flowers in the cherry blossom in the gap. Is thirty two two people, and his. I like to look at him so far. It looks like he is like a beautiful and distant d.and turned to the house to go bamboo. Home bamboo with interest to look at both of them, and my heart a little bit to understand, and so danced around, only cards against humanity holes said This person is not a thunder Dancing did not hear what she said, upstairs smile, home Zhu said with a smile silly look at you this color fans look like, see the handsome guy do not have this ah. Dancing also laugh, eagerly asked What is it, he handsome Bamboo you say he is good Bamboo smile I asked you if he was a thunder, you have not told me. I did not pay special attention to his appearance. Bamboo said ah I said, I do not have to pay attention to his appearance. Do you start to see his viscera Dancing stomping Oh, home bamboo, you deliberately laugh at me today is not it Bamboo sucking her Well, do not joke, how are you now in the end Doudiao whispered Yesterday he told me that mind. Home bamboo was surprised, looked back at her, and bowed thought, said That is, you look like this step to this step Yesterday it Dancing nodded. Home bamboo laugh What is it that you are crying, what is it As if people do not like to like you, but that hate you like. Dance sigh Oh, home bamboo, I do not know how, flustered Short breath, no land. Home bamboo laugh You ah, do not think so much, h.

waiting for her. Home bamboo grinning and thunderbolt When do you get up, so early to the. Thunder said from the early, no morning traffic jam, to the fast. Dancing station in the past, Yang face With the Thunder laugh, home bamboo to see her, and the Thunder said I said your ability can be really big ah, so that the holiday is not easy to get up early. Dancing pout Bamboo Thunder laugh So today Be kind of fun to compensate. How do you arrange it Thunder said You do not say for a long time did not go to the playground We go to the roller coaster how Dancing nodded hard. To the playground, each game before the row of a long team, dance and Thunder sweat flow, such as note in the people standing in the pile, the Thunder with a guide map to dance about the wind, two people laughing and joking To chat, dance the joy of joy, that this sweat is also happy. Finally on the roller coaster, dancing in the air flying, rotating, see the blue sky and white clouds appear at the foot of the tall house like a building up the same, she could not bear to close your eyes, screaming loudly, do not call the throat hoarse It is not enough. High flying in the air, hear the side of the Thunder and she issued the same screaming and laughter, so happy. Under the r.o you want to eat Said Otherwise, to a bowl of cold rice noodles, and then a bowl of spicy pigs red The tree laughs eat so no mood In front of Kentucky Fried Chicken, do not eat hamburgers Dancing shook his head Do not , I like to eat these, of course, you d better go to buy me a jar back, it is perfect. And other trees to buy the egg tube back, dancing has drunk a lot of pig red soup, small mouth spicy red swollen, his face crimson, nose and small sweat beads. She reached out to pick up the tree to the egg tube, bitter a bit, ah a cry. Tree to sit down, smile to see her, that dance is not happy, especially want to hug over pro. Dancing three mouth two eat the egg tube, the cold rice flour pushed to the tree You eat, I let the boss to cards against humanity new version add a lot of hot sprouts dry, can be delicious. Trees take over, snore chop chop finished , Wiped his lips with his back. Dancing handed him a paper towel, said Do not fight how good, could have been playing every day. Big tree staring eyes Is it I want to quarrel Who is so disdain to see me, who do a pair Do you mean to have an interesting summer vacation The result Dancing pouting Yeah, give you a hole you have not finished Big tree sigh Well, do not say, you want to eat what Dancing also sigh Oh, unfortun.l back. Tian Hairen suddenly dumb, just feel the hearts of bursts of feeling bursts of trouble. If he had any doubt before, and now he has clearly affirmed that among the many suitors, only the bad milk of the feather boy, is worthy of Ansu Yan Huoyue unique choice only cards against humanity holes Inside the door, An Su Yan quickly pushed Cheng Yixing, the door is not blocking it They removed the curtains in a row. After blocking, An Suyan asked Do you want to wash your face Good Cheng Yixing patted the body of the dust, cards against humanity drinking game went to her bed to sit down. An Su Yan looked at him to wash, so he was washed, she side of the washbasin towel bench back home, while complaining Why do you run up How dangerous you know The fire was burned, the vast majority You should know that my emergency ability or some say, not the third floor of the fire And so burned here, and have some time it the fire brigade must come soon, I There is no danger.You so furious, really what can happen Corridor what can not see, who knows you are there More dangerous ah He listened with a smile, his heart sweet, his mouth did not say I do not know, so you can so nagging, old can do Hate She grinned at him, You did not listen to me This time you ran up, it was unwise It was a real fire, not an exercise I kno.

Cards Against Humanity Holes ed people to ask the people, Do you want to go to the moon together, but also asked Deng Jun it My day, I can think of can be from the chicken skin The moon hey That is casually find a person can go to it Moreover, this year, But also some people to the full moon, but also strange, but also really hooked Hook is a nickname little curly small boy, but soon was dumped. This thing left Yu Min said. And Zuo Yu Min together, always listen to her kept saying that like a twitter of the little magpie, and then someone else a little more dial, she speaks more vigorously. Graduate school and even all the anecdotes of the school, grapevine, An Su Yan are cards against humanity holes heard from her, and has been enough detail. Hey, I said An Su Yan, Zuo Yu Min still want to ask what happens, you in the end to test the small came to what time You have to know that men can not be long lonely lonely See it on the reception, do not have time to regret I have never been included in the small to what test plan, see the good harvest, where to talk about it An Su Yan helplessly said, I have explained how many times, and I have to speak with a small white, and never dragged his feet ah. Zuo Yu min laughed, to the tone of the people said You are just used to refuse nothing.But I told you.en float the light passing. Run Run lips, I asked Where to go After asking to find themselves abruptly broke this strange quiet. The action sailed the drive and drove off an exchange, and he took the time and looked at me. We went to dinner. Eat Inevitably let the two eyebrows tangled together, but also inevitably in the car cards against humanity holes for a long period of time, the side head put his line of sight on his side face. Well defined. If that was wrong, he had a similar proposal to me and only once. If there are only things that only once, why have to refuse Measured for a long time, I gently cough a cry, trying to transfer to another topic, that dinner will you You will not go. cards against humanity holes Was taken for granted, but also by the way he told the truth. Min Zhao lips looked at him, this time is to reduce the pressure of the brow, just gently wrinkled, no sound. Faint laughter sounded on my right side, a little unknown and looked at him at a loss, did not ignore his side chewing a touch of chuckle. In accordance with the previous example, you should be claws of the fight. He said, his mouth still remnants cards against humanity Hawaii of the smile. Cast a glance at him, so hum a nasal to him, be a reply. Like the satisfaction of me with a perfunctory answer, he glanced at the front of the road, the.

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