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Cards Against Humanity Holiday do you answer him Said the dance I was supposed to break up, but he cried I have no choice but to talk about his heart. Home bamboo said So thunder where you said the tree I can not open the mouth, he never knew the tree. Bamboo said This can complicate the problem. Dancing eyes could not help the tide, and he wiped for a long time, bowed and said I am not good, what problems are not handled. Bamboo hug her This is nothing, mainly to see your heart, you In the end like how to quickly decide, drag the longer the more hurt. Do not hurt the tree now, later hurt the thunder. Diao said home bamboo, I would like to say something tomorrow with the thunder of the tree. Bamboo said tell her what the tree thing Dancing nodded can not hide him, right Said Then you decide who you want Diao looked up at her, do not know what she meant. Bamboo said Hey, I asked you to be thunder or to the tree. Dancing looked at her half a day, only said I still have to choose now I am not promised the Thunder Bamboo frown But you do not have nothing to do with the big tree clear it Dancing bow, softly said Do not know how, and feel like a long tree and broke up like. Bamboo said If you intend The thunder, do not tell him that the tree thing, why, it is better to go w.things. At that moment, I gently bent over the mouth, the Messenger s backpack with the index finger hook, staggered into the corridor. However, my early reading time, has been removed half. Appeared in the classroom door, inadvertently aimed at the inside of more than 50 pairs of various messages contain the eyes, and then the door, from the first row to the last row, put the bag, pull the chair, sit down. All the actions are in the extremely attention of the completion, I can pretend to be invisible. Put the textbook from the drawer that is almost comparable to the waste paper box, and throw it on the desk, and I will be careful to breathe. With the index finger and middle finger grip textbooks, while absent minded flip page number, while the right hand with his fingertips has been cold earlobe, repeated Mosa Zhao, until there is a Qinrui heart and lung touch. Looking at the spread of the pages, not surprisingly waiting for those dense black words presented in my eyes. But I just stared at one of them, without any action so staring. In other words, now I, in addition to breathing, nothing to do. Then, what is the voice of someone who came from my front, with a trace of a few hours will not appear in my excitement. I raise my hand and s.

his feet humming chewing gum, my qualifications are still shallow. What kind of class called Students will be caught in that gap in a certain, open the hands of this, rigid tone. Conditional reflection from the nose to issue a monosyllabic, wandering line of sight from the ground to the iron gate after another person s gutter side my line of sight, and then slightly lift the eyebrow angle. Oh, ask you. Began to be impatient. Head to the right side of the partial, pocket right hand out, arrived at the forehead Hey, I have no time with ah Why are you Now that you have to step on the iron gate, but also why cards against humanity holiday Three five in addition to two climbed the iron gate, sitting on the iron gate, condescending looking at a look up and a face with a thick hair. I have no time to waste with you. I said, the completion of the students will be an unfinished, but also my first sentence this morning, facing the face that goes up, and then easily jump. I think, then I must be in a proud demeanor, patted the hands of the dust does not exist. Because that line of sight, because when I look back to see that white, handsome, if nothing had happened. Left school long crying voice. Yesterday s record, he said. The voice is dull, talking about the irrelevant.had my father but also I sit hard seat experience life. Diao said Home bamboo they are not home to sit hard seat, that is, you squeamish. The tree grunted, I m squeamish, for letting you sit in a hard seat, and cards against humanity holiday one is alone and crying. Danced and shook his head and said, Look and see. Finally discharged to them, the tree to send money into the three days after the hard sleeper tickets. Squeezed out from the ranks, chanting asked What time is it The tree said More than 5 pm, the first two days to the morning, evening toward the. Oh, you can go out and play well, and I ve been there for 88 years and I have not been here. The tree hugged her shoulders I ll give you cards against humanity asia a call, fight back early, ok I was 88 years to go to Shanghai when the summer vacation is a primary school, living in the father of the father of Shanghai, their family lived a house in Shikumen, every night to do a big table delicious. But I always feel the taste of a Huangpu River. Big tree laugh I grew up do not know how many times to aunt home, how can I eat rice in the taste of Huangpu River Duo grunted You are the standard cow chewing peony, what the taste can not tell, mixed with the oil is also expected to eat happy. Think of these words interesting, laughing and laughing.u come Thunder wearing a beige windbreaker, took an umbrella in his hand, smiled and said You know you will not take the umbrella, I hastened to gallant. Laughing, pull him The hand, smiled and said ah, your hands are so warm, I am cold dead. Thunder to dance into his coat, one hand hugged her, hand umbrella, rushed into the rain. Dancing the head was cards against humanity holiday thunder in his arms, his cheek rubbing his rough sweater, breathing his body breath, mouth could not help slightly up, could not help but smile. Feel like a little doll, was warmly wrapped, all the way in the happy way to run. Thunder went to the corner of a teaching building, stopped to breathe, let go dance, only to see her innocently laugh. He asked laughing Dancing refused to come out from the windbreaker, continue to hold his waist You do not move Well, I hold buy cards against humanity here for a while, cold. Thunder said What is cold You put on the good Dancing shook his head Do not do not, it is so good. Thunder hugged her, two people silently stood for a while. Thunder said Dancing, you have to have confidence in me. Dancing did not hear clearly, looked up and asked What Thunder bow gently said You have to have confidence in me, no matter what, you Must believe that I really love you. Dancing shy smile, indented h.

Cards Against Humanity Holiday oo quickly meet up Dancing, he find you what things Doudiao bowed, said The mother of the tree came to the Department of the teacher. Bamboo heard a cry, said Come on, I I m afraid to stand here again. Chapter 30 On the road home bamboo asked the matter of the ins and outs, incredibly, look back and see the silence to head down, could not help but said You Yeah, too no use, how to let the teacher say you Time to excuse the excuse, so you are so timid, the teacher is more open to you. Dancing embraced the bamboo arms home bamboo, you do not call me, and I have been the whole halo. Home bamboo sigh You are a good bully, and we are so bully you Usually eloquent, this time to speak to the tree mother really hate it, his son so unpromising, but also the nerve to promote everywhere , But also trouble to the Department, really. Said do not know how the tree, and I went to see him when he was still hanging bottle. Bamboo said Do not worry about him Think about yourself He is not a mother baby You first baby cards against humanity holiday baby baby say. Dancing does not speak, but more tightly Lanzhu Zhu bamboo arm. After a while, she asked What time is it Home bamboo look at the table 8 o clock. Duo said Oh, had promised the Thunder today to the library to find him, the result.raining soup Drink, the kind of vegetables and leaves of the shabu shabu that time have a good time cards against humanity best expansion to drink. Bamboo pull the dance turned and danced and asked Hey, do not read it Look at this session there is no beauty Yeah, it is said that we The school beauty was arranged in a row, a good session of the poor, this session do not know how. Home bamboo said Do not read, not a formal performance Well, the opening of the Games is the official it. They slowly go to the dormitory, home bamboo asked You do not go to the library at night Square today to occupy the seat. Chuckle laugh I thought that the column is the whim to give us the seat It was not easy, but it was not easy. She turned to her mother and said, Do you want to be careful I think he s meant to be clear. You do not know how much trouble in economic law, it is more than my professional time to spend more, with the review can learn from each other Well. Chuckle laugh You laugh, Hey, that is, to learn about it, not just homework. Bamboo no way, turned around and scolded You ah, do not get the same love experts. How many cards against humanity holiday days do not see the Thunder Diao said Is a graduate student, where and we are the same, he and the instructor to research. Speaking strange, I heard that the univer.

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