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Cards Against Humanity Jew he was not his teacher s moment. Today, he found her in the library, his crucial attack was officially opened. He knew that he had been a gentleman, and according to the news he had discovered, the other suitors were alone, and the only hey was a strong competitor. But to hear An Su Yan advised Hee He and his words, his heart put down, he should believe in their own eyes, he Cheng Yixing fancy girls, is mortal can move to get it His heart was pleased. No matter what the iceberg she is, he has to teach her in his tenderness network to melt into a spring. However, stalker tricks, to Hee and tried, apparently ineffective, he had to think of a new strategy, must be the hearts of hearts in one fell swoop Ann You re waiting for the move He smiled. Ansuo Yan s opening report successfully wrote the first draft. Since the last encounter in the library Cheng Yixing, and after twelve days, he did not appear again. Oh Is there twelve days When did she pay attention to the time Is she looking forward to his appearance impossible Absolutely impossible She immediately denied their own ideas. How can she care about a small her five years old, suckling students It s just curiosity. Moreover, he had also so malicious to catch her Fang Hongzhi came to the l.he said softly. Eat at night, the wind whistling to scratch the dead branches of the window, issued a unique winter sound. A house crowded crowded to pack things to eat snacks chat, dormitory school lively. cards against humanity jew Dancing in a corner to see the novel, but my mind kept asking myself I want to see the thunder Do not wait for her to think, home bamboo push the door came, she followed behind, is not the thunder. Big ring they immediately silence, and even brush to look at the Thunder and dance, want to look from their two look inside the story to see. Bamboo said Dancing, the Thunder came to you. Dancing only know stared to see the thunder, he lean a lot, but the spirit is still very good, the Thunder did not speak, he looked through a room transpiration The corner of the dance, that she was thin and pale and pale, Thunder heart is not easy, but quietly standing. After a while, the dance was put down the book, silently put on the coat, the bed of a small plastic bag to take, went to the door, after the thunder, said softly Come on. Two people silently went downstairs, have picked the usual favorite to go into the path of the road. Keep the hands holding a plastic bag, take a step to send a slight hissing sound, only the voice and two people suppres.

g turned out of bed, grinning and said If that is the case, how good, home bamboo, I do not worry no one to my sets of quilt Home bamboo laughs Oh, the original is someone to wait for you to live with me ah At night to dance with the bamboo side to go outside to eat, Fang said home bamboo cards against humanity new version refused to go home with me, how do you say dancing Chuckle Why do you want to go home with your home bamboo Your home is not Beijing, Shanghai, you find a job, to a place we can accept it. Side of the frown My parents gave me a good job, and if the house is willing to go, her work can be resolved to the bank Do not have to stubbornly come Bamboo said Why do you want you My parents can help find a job I can find myself, all the way to run to you, has always been your home site, work is your home to find, when the time to give me grievances I have a sentence with a face He s a bit unhappy, he knocked the table with chopsticks how do you think so much, where will you be aggrieved Bamboo frowned Why do not you go to our house Side grin grin Of course, marry chicken cards against humanity amazon with chicken, marry a dog with the dog Well, who heard of chicken with chicken, married dog with the dog Bamboo Pooh a cry Who will marry you, the beauty of you. Laugh Well, well, I thought you ha.g shook his head, rushed her barely smiled. To the pavilion, actually empty, selling aunt is yawning. Thunder to four cups of plum soup, four people picked the most side of the table sitting around. Although it is in September, the autumn wind or with a cool, surrounded by an insects, and occasionally heard the frog jumped into the water to the sound. Lake on the left planted the lotus, and now early thanks, there are fragrance residue, waves along with the wind to the pavilion. Home bamboo laugh This time does not rain, or else we have a school left to listen to the sound of rain listening to the rain view. Fang said What is listening to the rain Laugh you do not Asked, or the family of bamboo to say that you do not have a culture. Fang also insisted to ask What rain Thunder laugh is Li Shangyin s poem Stay left to listen to the rain. He a Read a word to listen to the word list. Bamboo said side of the column, you do not ask, and see you do not have the culture of the way. Dodo laugh No, I know you will say that. Bamboo also laughed I say so What the first day of our class a boy do not know what is Jian Jia, you also laughed at the people for half a day. Fang column quickly asked What is Jian Jia The other three people are laughing, he h.cing like to turn, but was bamboo pulled You see, is not a thunder Dancing back to see, really saw the thunder from the car down, on the shoulders of the bag, the car people waved, Turned to the school door came. Dancing took home bamboo smiled and went up and shouted the name of thunder. Thunder looked up to see her, but quickly looked at the back of the car. Laughing have gone. Who sent you back Thunder said cold and cold So late to run out what Diao said This is how late ah, only 8 30, Bamboo out to buy chestnut to eat, you come just, treat it. Thunder laugh, with the family bamboo greeted, turned and walked with them Well, how much to eat no problem. Bamboo asked Thunder, who I do not know the car, what is this car Thunder said Mercedes Benz. Dodo laugh yo, sitting, this is a very high end car, Mercedes Benz is your friend s friend Thunder said ah, no, is the mentor s friends take a way to send a way. Three of them eat chestnut, but also packaged to bring back to the bedroom. Thunderbolt has been sent to dance cards against humanity jew and home bamboo to the dormitory door, said Bamboo, you go first. Chestnut you get up to eat them. Bamboo nodded to turn around, Thunder said Go up, I still have something, can not accompany you.You sleep early. He rushed two gi.

Cards Against Humanity Jew oney Dancing did not know what he meant, had to look at him silently, with his eyes to encourage him to go on. Zhang Guolin really said Thunder did not tell you I heard the teacher said that he practiced the boss of the company to spend money to sponsor him. Sad mind slightly dengkou about, as if something suddenly smooth, she did not dare to think Asked Zhang Guolin What is the company, is the surname Joe boss Zhang Guolin said Yes ah, surnamed Joe. He smiled Thunder this kid good luck, was Joe boss fancy, I listen to the teacher The meaning of Joe, as well as cultivate the meaning of it. Diao looked up to see him, his eyes turned to his face, memories of the Thunder with their own every word, to confirm the Thunder did not disclose the funding of things. Zhang Guolin also studied her look, as if the jealousy of the Thunder cards against humanity 1st expansion in the dumbled eyes have been relieved, he made persistent efforts to pretend to pretend to say I heard Joe boss on the Thunder so incredibly, even the mothers are surprised, That is the fate of people and people is amazing. Bite bite the lips, the heart of the piece of blurred glass as if a piece of clean, she looked down at the foot of the kettle came out of the curl of hot air, cards against humanity jew face rolling hot The She did not stay.convergence cloud off, according to the Xiang Ling. Seeking to find in the song, people do not see, The thunder nodded The old Soviet word is also written to write the zheng, the zheng sound and lakes and mountains together to write, and then write the song, Really laughing and laughing You love poetry Diao laugh Where dare to say love, you read this tie, I have never heard of. But feel the rhythm of poetry sounds good, love to read My father to teach Chinese, so when a child is back a lot of poetry, back more, and think when reading poetry will be made when the aroma of the mouth.I really admire those people, ordinary words they can be together so that people can Thunder laughs There s an aroma cards against humanity jew in your mouth, your metaphor is really interesting Two people slowly walked to the back of the main building, the road is narrow, both sides planted camphor, the moon light shot from the camphor tree, cast a mottled shadow on the road. Dancing one leg from one piece of cement to another jump, smiled and said You play the house where you dance I was a child we do not love and I side, because I jump not far. Thunder also single legged jump, all of a sudden Jump to the front of a big cut in the dance, laughing You can cards against humanity jew jump too close. Chuckle You do n.

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