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Cards Against Humanity Jokes ce for a long time. Feng Yin look at him, and said Dancing today to see you face to see you do not care, the girls who are not small children Say again, so beautiful dance, the pursuit of many people, perhaps more self You have to deal with the patience of the girl Well. Trees hesitated for a while, asked Dancing this time to school there is nothing Feng Yin laughed Oh, I was responsible for the care of your girlfriend I do not pay attention to so much, say, she was in the bedroom time is not much ah, I was sick, did not stay long time to come back. Big tree boring head do not speak, Feng Yin said hey, big man, that is down to buy me ice cream Oh, you can not install depressed to come to the account, eat something ice fire, look at your look Chapter 22 The next day dancing call the tree, want to ask things clear. She thought before a night, feel that they are too self willed. The trees happily ran over to find her, but touched a nose of the gray, inevitably empty dry, then it is clear that there is also some. Dancing call the phone number, my heart pray not to let the tree mother call. Hear the tree to feed a cry, laughing relief, with a laughter, said You personally to answer the phone Tree Chen Sheng said how Something Dancing pout, alm.he collective outbreak in the farewell platform, full of crying scene, a group of boys are washed on the train below Farewell crowd cards against humanity jokes singing friends , and soon, the train up and down began to sing this song, crying in the song more and more intensely. You are going to be careful, ah, I ll give you the sour plum you remember to drink soaked, lychee can not put a long time, you get on the car to eat it. Home bamboo tears nodded one by one promised, Fanglang also could not help but blink of an eye, he said to the dance Do not worry, I send home bamboo to Beijing, settled and then go. Dancing a pull Side of the hand, earnestly said side column, you must be good to the bamboo, must she really is a rare girl, she is particularly good particularly good, you must not be negative, otherwise, I Rao Not you Home bamboo could not help but cry out loud, a hug dance, tightly embrace, tears surging out. The train siren rang, the house was on the car, dancing took her hand refused to let go, followed the train ran a few steps, home bamboo shouted Dancing, take care You must be good children Let me rest assured ah The train really started up, dancing no longer keep up, had to let go, watching the train carrying bamboo bamboo slowly away. The whole platform.

y laughed Of course, I am curious, do not even say, do not be angry ah, good dance. She pulled the dance of the hands of two shaking, tilted head and so her reflection. Dancing very depressed, do not know how to attack, had to draw hands, took the palm of the fan to catch the mosquitoes, put the account down. Feng Yin waited for a while, see dancing do not intend to talk to her, self siege You are tired That I go to take a bath, the way to help you see the water is not big enough. , Only turned around, lying on the cards against humanity jokes table, that whole body soft. The next morning to dance at 5 o clock to wake up, lying in bed listening to Guo Xiu and Feng cards against humanity order Yin said the breath of one after another, and sometimes do not want to move. Outside the sky has been bright, beautiful light blue sky and opposite the dormitory red brick wall together constitute a perfect contrast. Dancing ears sounded a gentle voice Libra is wandering in the horizon. Could not help but smile slightly. She turned a body, bed bookshelling shook, fell a book, is hit in the dancing face, dancing could not help but yo a cry. Guo Xiu vaguely said how Dancing said all right, you sleep. She could not lie, gently unlock the mosquito net caught in the mat, turned over the bed. Passing Feng Yin s came. Cheng Yixing kicked a big kick, the heart of the anger finally vent, and then a loud noise, in his heart as if also sounded the alarm how is this you I m out of control What are we talking about And then he remembered what they said of the cut off, although regret, but who do not want to bow first He turned from the handle again, but it turned and put, put and turn, is not directly open the door to go out. Do you want to go out and go Do not break my door handle An Ruyan and cold to a sentence. Why do I want to go out He said, why let others laugh for free Still turned his handle. Finally, An Yu Yan really can not stand that non stop click up voice, came over, reached to get his hand, did not think he took advantage of the opportunity, has been clinging to her tightly. What do you do You let me go Let go She struggled in his arms, beat his hand. You move again He threatened, move again How dare you dare me She was desperate to provoke. This is your self seeking Do not blame me blunt He suddenly picked up her, thrown into the bed, and then the whole person rushed up Chapter cards against humanity jokes 10 The summer night of the qualitative change, so that security suffocated and confused, she tried to avoid Cheng Yixing, but the physical form can be.ioned her not to speak Do not explain , The fact that I am very clear, will not listen to the parents of the side of the words of his parents I understand that the son of the hospital Well, of course, anxious, this point you have to understand. Doudiao bow, heart uncomfortable, the mother of the tree actually came to the Department, really let her can not expect, dancing do not know how to explain, do not know how the teacher will see her, sad and embarrassing, such as pins and needles. Teacher Li continued You have a few semesters for scholarships, in the class have a certain role, the Department of the Department of this term to consider the development of you, the results out of such a thing, you left the teacher to the bad The impression ah. Dancing did not speak, do not know what to say good. Li smiled love it, the university is also commonplace, but our school has been taken to prohibit but do not encourage the principle of love to talk about meaningful, to be able to enhance themselves, help each other, you love Talked about, you still told us the Department of graduate students Thunder good Lin Diao, love the most taboo to see the different thinking, but also to see, I do not from the teacher s point of view, from the person s poi.

Cards Against Humanity Jokes nging. A tree grabbed the dance, went to the road, stood in the middle of the road stopped. Dancing and angrily want to drop the cards against humanity hidden card hand of the tree, said the tree, you rookie You let me Tree hard to pull the dance of the hand, said I will not let go, You do not want to run away from me Dancing also go, she struggled to drop his hand, turned and ran, turned cards against humanity jokes too fierce, almost slipped into the lake, chanting exclaimed, not yet Her voice ended, the tree had hugged her, her lips kissed her, warm sweat wrapped around her. Dancing subconsciously struggling, the trees ignore her, his arms firmly hoop her body, lingering and cards against humanity second expansion shy to kiss her. Dancing feel shortness of breath, heartbeat like a drum, dizziness, standing instability, she wanted to push the tree, but feel a little effort to have no effort, suddenly heard the smell of strong flowers, hear the birds cards against humanity jokes return to the birds Children tweeted tweets, sounds and smells seem to suddenly wake up, clearly hear the rapid heartbeat of the tree. She no longer try to open the tree, softly leaning against the arms of the tree. The tree also felt, he gently moved his lips to dance ears, sighed and said You tortured people little things ah. He tightly holding the dance, no longer speak, two people so Holdi.was pulled by a thunder. Dancing asked how Thunder smile do not speak, the dancing on the forehead of the wet hair stranded hair clip to her ears behind, fingers gently sliding over her face, danced by him not The thunderbolt suddenly bowed his head, kissed his lips on his lips, and immediately turned and ran away. Went to the road before looking back to dance, dancing also Leng Leng to stand on the steps. See the thunder turned to see her, dance down and smile, quickly turned into the dormitory. Until the bedroom, dance are smiling, happy like boiling water filled, can not be suppressed. Push the bedroom door, see the bedroom where people sit around with the tractor, home bamboo is standing watching the war, saw her back and asked rain it Dancing pull a towel rub hair leaching The rain is not, is the secret. Four ring said Where to play And Thunder Dancing vaguely should be a cry, end of the basin with the bamboo made a wink. Home bamboo with her to the balcony, smiled and said where to play, as if full of happy. Laughing, arms around the bamboo said good bamboo, you also love it, you must Find a pain you talk about a good love. Home bamboo laugh how, crazy girl, said that there is no head and tail. Dancing with a smile watching the dis.

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