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Cards Against Humanity Kwanzaa ide of the box light quarrel You look at the neck here, is the swollen it Bamboo ah a cry, frowned, said Well, I do not want to fight ah, who knows they say nothing about it. Home bamboo pulled him, press his shoulder, carefully look at the wound, muttering Is it something to smash Side laugh You are full of powerful thing, is the book smashed, English and Chinese dictionary. Duo said You are so beaten How many of them Side laugh Do not worry, no loss, we came to the bedroom four, together to play, put one of their shoes are destroyed Bamboo pushed him, biting his lips and said, You are in cards against humanity kwanzaa trouble, ah, for such a small thing to fight If the school know, hit the gang of the punishment is what you know Really too bad you Side Do not dare hippie smile, and quickly said I know the fight is wrong, but they first hands, I can not eat Yaba Kui, is not it Do not worry, we bedroom boss and cards against humanity game their bedroom is a fellow, everyone said good, Friends, do not make friends. Dancing could not help but laugh, the bamboo stared at them two one, back face smiled secretly. You can rest assured that you can not worry about it. Diao said home bamboo, you side of the column on the point of medicine it, swollen so much bad, whatever the outcome is for our seat was. {

ee how much the school is difficult to get rid of the crazy men and women Laugh Well, again cards against humanity unblocked in the summer break break. Suddenly someone knocked on the door to see dancing, dancing side of the basin to see, is not aware of a girl, she said You are Lin dancing it Dancing nodded, the girl said There is a boy to find you, asked me to bring a letter. Dancing had nodded promised. She came back to put down the basin, strange to say This time who looking for me Today, downstairs do not lock the door Home bamboo said You go and see it, do not know people do not go out with him, in the hall Inside to speak, downstairs aunt seems to say that the door at 2 o clock in the evening, because the first floor to live 93, to facilitate their activities. Dancing with a handkerchief hair up, put on a dress, suspected to go to the ground floor. To the downstairs only to find the hall brightly lit, a lot of people shuttle, very lively. She stood in the hall looked around, did not see the familiar people, is strange when the glass door came out of a person, shouted dance. She looked back to see what. Dancing a while shocked, do not know how to respond. For a long time did not see what, he seems to gain a little fat, hair pushed very flat, wearing a yellow short.fashionable cards against humanity ecards men and women nowadays the interpretation of the model, the two of us, probably can be on the museum for display Fast food love, dew marriage, I do not see love word where There is no spiritual rendezvous, where will there be emotional sparks And life, if you have to indulge the limits of the senses to spend, the result can only lead to premature failure of energy only. After all, is not a natural state. Life, just a state of existence Bale. Excessive pursuit of material enjoyment will only be complacent. The original is just enough to meet the survival of adequate food and clothing needs, why should add more with Li Wren nest in the deep forest, but a drunk rat drinking river, but full of. Yes ah, Jin Yi Yu food and how Feed the same just a pair of bladder Huatang luxury and how Living alone is nothing more than a night sleep, shelter from the rain. I have been indifferent for a long time. There can be, no also, do not have to pursue hard. Fight to fight to make a mess. In fact, if not by the days of the great space may be preserved bones for future generations to pay tribute, in the end who is not a handful of loess, a box of ashes, neither the name of the ancient ages, can not live forever. There is no more of this life ju. $txtNum = count($txtArray);

Cards Against Humanity Kwanzaa bout it. But she did not let go, but increased the strength on my arm, looked solemnly looked at me, said laying, listening to , forget him. Although I admit that Mr. left is a very Good people, but we and he, after all, in a different world, you silently like him, plus do not know how much between you separated, so that the pain will only be you. I looked at her quietly, looking at her eyes seriously, worried, and worried, cards against humanity kwanzaa let her tightly pulled my arm. He is already married. I said, the sound was cool, waiting for the wind from here to blow it away in the sky and no longer come back. And at this time, will hide the words of the day, the color is very blue and blue, it seems more difficult than any other season to touch. Yes, he is married, six years ago I knew, always known to the present. But still do not dare to say this out. Because i am afraid of Called him and told him that when I came to his house, it was yesterday at noon. Now, I stand in front of the mountain villa in the memory, press the doorbell waiting for his master to open. Yesterday just under the rain, came along the way, along the mud and moss stained my shoes. Taking advantage of no one to open the door of this time, cards against humanity kwanzaa I bent over pulling the trousers, and then strai.aid Feng Yin how You do not say that Guo embroidered her also get our bedroom to live Dancing pouting said Let her move is really a big mistake, which makes me so depressed. But she also told me to tell me that, or I was really in the darkness of the trees, and he did not know that he had so many things not confessed. Bamboo said Dancing you do not think so, Feng Yin said, her mind also understand, maybe two parents so joking, the tree is not on the heart, Feng Yin was true, she put you and The tree to separate the benefits of her is not small, you do not have a kind of intestines with the Taoist Road, all the trees come back to ask to make a clear judgment. Dancing only nodded promised. Chapter 21 Dancing summer vacation to be considered normal now, autumn tiger crazy, she did not want to cards against humanity kwanzaa go out, bored at home to help her mother cooking, other times in their own small room inside to read cards against humanity kwanzaa and write. She wanted to record this summer thing, but holding a diary bite a long time writing, can not write. A child, a little bit of small things, dances can be written in the diary on the heavy color of the page, and now things so much, the plot so memorable twists and turns, but she did not turn them into the text of the mind. After more than a wee.

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