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Cards Against Humanity Original d down, let me tell you, may be the next week But also to do the program, so that you go to a trip on Thursday. Dancing nod promised, happy heart, his face could not stop smiling. Song teacher look at her Songs teacher, please eat it. Song teacher laughed yo, began to thank me Dancing shook his head The song is very good, Not because of this, cooperation for so long has been a teacher asked us to eat Song, I am good or bad fast graduation, should not return to a time Song teacher laughed not busy, and so the next semester you are idle , I can not eat a few days, the next week I picked the seedling will come to practice, and you take out a few, than to ask me to eat good. Dancing nodded promised, and chatting a few months to go out go with. Out of the building to know the wind, and whirring the wind to the leaves of the leaves all rolled up circular motion, gloomy sky a bleak late autumn, danced books tightly around, walked back to the dormitory, , See Feng Yin and trees standing outside to speak. Danced and pretended not to see, bowed into the run, Feng Yin shouted her I m dancing She had to stand back, said coldly What cards against humanity original Feng Yin took a few steps, smiled and filthy cards against humanity said listen to Song teacher said you interviewed things in the TV very eyebrows Da.rt of the heart, not the burning of the burning, but trickle clean. With some seemingly no language, subtle graceful text, to convey a kind of unspeakable mind fit. Affection flow between, to catch and catch false, to drive and drive away, so gradually with, brewing, fermented she wanted to heart. Hee He and his hand shaking in front of her, Hey Hey She recovered and disguised her smile. Sister, hee and asked curiously, what is it Nothing, thinking about your problem, she said, your question is so great that I do not know how to answer. But to ask what kind of boyfriend you want to find it, do not think too much Come and said, Well, think for so long, you can tell me, how can you move your heart I do not invade, no one can move my heart, unless he is love How is your love definition He asked. I have not seen it, she said helplessly. You will see Outside, Cheng Yixing leaning against the wall, in the heart so to say. He will not be silly to ask her love what it is like, her love should be his like this Cheng Yixing has come for a while. On the road waiting for a long time did not see the beauty of the silhouette, he thought she must go to the laboratory. To the front of the research room, was about to knock on the door, which attra.

on research, etc., all read. And every one week before the exam, she will temporarily reform , stay in the quiet dormitory in front of the notes, homework carefully reviewed. And then came to the exam, the students panic early to the examination room occupies seats, and she was from the capacity to enter the examination room, who do not want to occupy the first row of seats on the casual sit, remove one or two pen and Calculator, waiting to roll. The results of the examination are surprising, although she is not always the first, second, can always be within the top ten, the most bad such as politics can be mixed into the middle. This result is really jealous, and she cards against humanity combos clearly does cards against humanity original not study hard In fact, she does not think she is smart, she just has a set of their own learning method Bale. This method includes listening to the heart without exception, good note to record notes, and she called the three stage review strategy. She records the notes of the neat week is consistent recognition, she generously lent students to copy. In fact, this is her long time to develop the habit, she believes in good memory is not bad, the record with the record was equally important. However, she is not good at advocating incitement, so there is no one to.on the knees of the dance. Dance up to pick up, rub in the palm of the hand, a Yang hand, the crisp pieces spread to the ground. Dancing did not think that the opportunity to work suddenly so quickly gave her the root of the olive branch. After a few days, she went to the studio, Song teacher is with a gang of people to visit. Danced and rushed to greet them, went in to do the program, cards against humanity hole faq and those who still around the glass watching the talk, and so dancing finished the program, a big beard tall man and Song teacher came together. Song teacher said Dancing, this is the TV studio production, that you are very good host. Dancing red film producer smiled, nodded his head. Zhang production is very gas, asked the age of dance ah, ah level, professional ah some common problems, and then smiled and said This program is your own do Dancing nodded Well, we are not enough manpower , The title of the interview to produce their own to. Zhang producer back Song teacher laughed You Daoshi a lot of good seedling ah. Song teacher proudly said praise praise, Lin Diao is our top here Who does not represent the average level, haha. Zhang producer simply sit down and chatting, dancing to know that the television station is planning a file interview class of e.novel are read again, the first 200 times to see Besieged City , the first 300 times to see arrogance and prejudice. Suddenly received a student student phone, said the school contractors college tennis competition, please also in the city of girls to do the opening guard of honor guard. Duo feel that time is coming, busy promised down. She brought the package back to school to report, led a set of sportswear and flowers, only to know that they are a square aerobics. Students will advise them to concentrate on living in several dormitories and save unsafe. Dancing like the girl familiar with the same class of Guo embroidery, and Guo embroidery to discuss their bedroom cards against humanity original to live, Guo embroidery said dance, I and Feng Yin Ting cooked, let us also let Feng Yin to our bedroom to live But also I am not familiar with it. Guo Xiu laughed ah She is Tongchuang tree class, you do not recognize Dancing Or do not know how to find a reason to oppose, had to say Well, together with it. She and Guo embroidery went to the bedroom to clean, to bring the mint bubble is ready to drink, Feng Yin came. Dancing before did not pay attention to Feng Yin, only know that the tree class girls, the article written very well, in the school published a column to write a.

Cards Against Humanity Original rry any expression. She was a little nervous, and she shook her hand with a big tree and said, What about the tree, what Do not you agree with me I did not think I wasted my time and I liked to be with you, I was cards against humanity original not interested in others, and I liked to stay with you and I could not see you for a while, he said. The tree sighed and said, The tree, how are you so unpromising The tree staring at the dance without fear, breaking her from the clothes to the arm of the hand, said If you think you are not love I think we should all think about it. He walked strides. One of the people standing in the open playground. Danced for a while, had wanted to sit down, find out this thing, but frogs so loud, the playground seemed so quiet, she was a little afraid, slowly bow down to the exit. Approaching the time, suddenly a shadow station to her front, she was shocked, exclaimed a cry. The shadow shook her and said, Dancing is me. Dancing heart heavy jumped, she looked up hard, softly said What Dancing dumbfounded with what in the playground around the runway circle, sometimes stunned. Why not speak more. Walking two laps, how to say Dancing, I run this time every day. Dancing ah a cry, said Now the school popular night running He said This time few is precious At that time, Cheng Yixing s parents have been divorced, cards against humanity original so, Zhang Qingyi immediately encouraged to have divorced father to pursue high Tingya, she was from the needle, for his father to create a variety of romantic opportunities, at the same time, her well behaved Gaoying Ya s favor. Finally, she got his wish to be on the Cheng Yixing s sister , successfully won the dignity is close to his identity. After that, she intentionally or unintentionally made some ambiguous about their relationship between the implied, these hints really hit a lot of Cheng Yixing secretly love the girl heart. However, for her news of the spread, Cheng Yixing are cold attitude, Yigai to be denied. Zhang Qingyi for the positive match of the parents of the move, he has long been well aware of her purpose for the oath of the school, can not help but amazing In today s plan can not keep up with the changing era, she can be considered a solitary goods. But the more she is pursued, the more he resists doubly maybe this is the world of men s common problems, the more easily, the more not in the eyes so, even if Zhang Qingyi and then how to do, Is also in vain. In spite of this, Zhang Qingyi is not worried, because throughout the middle school period, Che.

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