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Cards Against Humanity Retail Pack h a laughter, said You personally to answer cards against humanity retail pack the phone Tree Chen Sheng said how Something Dancing pout, almost for this Tone of the phone hung up, but thought of their cards against humanity retail pack intention to ask clearly, only to hold on to say You are still angry I was too impulsive yesterday, and today we calmly speak good Trees stopped, Said That happens, I have something to ask you, that surnamed Lei graduate students and how do you Dancing did not react suddenly, my mind stopped for cards against humanity retail pack half a minute to know what the tree is saying. Blood suddenly rushed to the face, his face rose red. She cards against humanity 4th expansion review blurted out how do you know The tree sneer To people who do not know, unless it has been Mo, this is what you gave me yesterday, I give you a good. Dancing by the tree Angry for a long time, said not you think so. The tree grunted is it Not what I think Then you quickly deny you and he often go out, and quickly denied that he was in the pursuit of you It s just a good friend The tree stopped for a while, and said, It seems to be true No wonder I ll be back. To me, like, ah, I m dancing, did not think you carry me there are many tricks it. Dance angry to clenched his lips, trees, each sentence are accompanied by a cold tone, so she almost To fight the chills, she did not speak, imm.not be angry. Thunder bowed and asked so easy not angry it Chuckle laughed, pulled his arm hug Who told me You tamed the little fox Thunder a moment speechless, after a while, he said dance, you want to go abroad to study it Diao said I did not want to study. You know the London School of Economics Dancing shook his head, thunder, said Singapore President Lee Kuan Yew is graduated from the London School of Economics, the school is very famous, MBA ranking is also very forward. Diao look up to see him, Smiled and said how do you suddenly say this Are you longing for this school Thunder said I mentor had done in this school visiting scholar, more familiar with the situation, recommend me to read the MBA. Dancing stopped, pulled him asked You want to study Thunder smiled, pulled Continue to walk study of course, well, especially I learn this professional, if you can systematically to study abroad, or better. Dancing thought, whispered MBA to read how many years Thunder Turned around to see her, stretched out his arm around her shoulder, tight tight tight 2 years, before and after it may take more than three years. Dancing nodded, stuffy head for a while, only to rise to laugh Said Well, I wait for you. Thunder stopped, pull the dance sittin.

d to quarrel, are worried about it, you have to play a gun came. She went to the house of bamboo and the side of the cups are continued to tea, the side cup said touch what touched, I wish you all find a good job, everyone wants to do Three people side of the cup touched and looked up and drank. And you have a cup of bamboo, and the bamboo and the side of the column, said This cup I respect you, I hope you are happy, home bamboo, she stared at the bamboo You do not old and side trouble, college where can I buy cards against humanity love can Righteousness does not seem to be good and evil to give me the confidence of love, do not let me love the word and then disappointed. She Yang Bo drink, home bamboo worried about her, hold down her hand, Softly said Well, well, do not drink, I know what you mean Chuckle Stop me doing, drink tea, not wine. Side of the laughter, but also end of the cup against each other in one fell swoop I have to respect you Dancing, know so long, you whatever the words and words to the words of my words. Chuckled and stared at him and said, Who is coming to you My words are for you, you cherish the family bamboo Such a good girl is not just able to meet, home bamboo willing and you It s your fortune. Home bamboo busy stopped and said Well, do not good for., even in the waist chuckle a pinch. Square column throwing the ball, and quickly ran to their side, grinning and said how, I am not bad Diao said that is the strength of the big blow, the action can be really ugly. Side laugh that does not matter , The results are not in the process. Home bamboo said That we go. Fang said Hey, do not come out of the results Do not look at my medal Home bamboo laugh I see hanging, say And it is not really gold and silver, who would rather ah. She pulled back and walked away. Dancing and laughing, home bamboo said laughing, eat laughter Diao said home bamboo I really have not seen you so embarrassed it. Bamboo said I do not where Do not laugh, he said, Look at the side of the party, he said, Very popular Yeah, their class girls all eyes shot knife. Home bamboo hated her, he could not hold his laugh. Suddenly danced to stop the pace, home bamboo strange, looked at her in the buy your cards against humanity direction of the past, see the child in front of the trees standing in front of the plane trees, stared at the dance. Home bamboo quickly look back to see dance. Bitter bite the lips, softly said home bamboo, I would like to say a few words with the tree. Bamboo thought, loose the dance of the hand You go, do not be too weak. Turned bac.

Cards Against Humanity Retail Pack ding to make the heart beat to speed up There is no interest to try Boke thought, a little shy to say I am my okay Song teacher laughed I see you full of Next week to our studio to try it. Dancing quickly nodded and thought, asked and asked What do you need to prepare Zhang film laughed No need to prepare, I see you have been very I told you the teacher for the specific time. Dance and Song teacher Zhang made a line to the parking lot, rushed to his car after the farewell, Song teacher excitedly said dance, this is a good opportunity, you have to seize, and later may be a Big friends. Song laugh Song teacher, you do not exaggerate, how can it be so easy. Song teacher laughed Anyway, I was cards against humanity retail pack confident that you are ready to prepare Well. Diao laugh Thank you teacher So I am so confident, if I really let the blind cat hit the dead child, must be good to thank the teacher. Song teacher could not help but laughed When you dance when you learn to say these scenes Although the dance in front of the teacher in front of the depressed mood, a little end, but back to the dormitory left thinking, or very happy. 93 brothers and sisters brought back the work of the news so that she was a little apprehension, looking for work difficulties seem infinite heart, all kinds of taste is difficult to say, she finally struggled to finish these words, Tears again and again, she had to bow his head, with a scarf to block the mouth, afraid of their own cry to cry. Thunder and clinging to her forward, her lips kissed her hair, deeply breathing her hair on the fragrance, tears bubbling flow down, then speechless. For a while, danced gently to open his arms, take a step back, whispered I go home tomorrow, can not send you on the train, when tonight to bid farewell to you cards against humanity retail pack after you go to the UK Pay attention to the body, do not be too tired. She looked up again and again to see him, the thunder of the hair, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, dancing all carefully read it again, his eyes on his face nostalgia to walk , Put him deeply into his mind. She noticed the eyes of the Thunder eyes bright tears, and my heart burst of sad, no longer control, hurriedly said I go, you take care. Turned to want to escape. Thunder grabbed her, bowed to kiss her, as if to take the dance to his body, like, dancing tears surging out, flow to the lips, two people s tears mixed together, feel full of heart Bitter. Soon enough to breathe, she pushed the thunder, tearfully looked at him, slowly back, the Thunder want to pull f.

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