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Cards Against Humanity Trump ence to the gods. How long has it been seen Seems to have a century, in fact, but also counted only four months only, do not know how it is now. Thunder suddenly said Dancing, what do you want Dancing back to God, smiled and said No thought. Thunder also smile, and silence down. I m singing to hear you well Thunder looked back at her and smiled and said, Well, you can sing. Dancing clear voice, whispered to sing gently When I passed away my dear Do not sing a sad song for me I do not have to be rosy on my grave There is no need for shady cypress trees Let s cover my green grass Was dripping with raindrops also stained with dewdrops If you would like to remember me If you are willing to forget me In a long dusk in the confusion The sun does not rise nor shines I may maybe I still remember you I can not see the shade of the ground again Feel the sweetness of the rain I can not hear the nightingale s voice In the dark night to talk sadly In a long dusk in the confusion The sun does not rise nor shines I may maybe I still remember you I may have forgotten you After a song, everything is calm, the water seems to sound a little, clear Lingling ring. Thunder said a long time ago Dancing, did not think you sing so nice, what is this song Diao sai.but she had to admit that the kind of ethereal grace of the temperament, not just who want to learn to learn, her beauty in the rich connotation, the United States in the Smart spirit, and these, just It is their lack of these little girl is not lacking the lack of girls. She was the only one who won her only time, she was younger than her So, she made full use of Cards Against Humanity: UK edition this, did not expect the Cheng Yixing even rushed to her face to the fire Her sense of crisis is getting thicker. However, so many years of painstaking efforts, how can we put it on She seize the opportunity to Cheng Yixing and a big five year old teacher, the news of love told Gao Tingya. In the eyes of Gao Tingya, this clever and clever and generous stepdaughter has always been her ideal daughter in law candidates, at first glance An Jing yan actually more than Cheng Yixing so much, has been very happy, but also in Zhang Qingyi constantly knocked on the side Under the high Ting Ya really enough to talk about the words. But Zhang Qingyi big disappointment is that Gao Tingya did not knock down An Su Yan, cards against humanity trump Cheng Yixing still with her from the very close, I do not know repentance. So, she took advantage of Cheng Yixing to Zhang to visit the mother of the time, clearly confessed to.

sted in you so simple. Helplessly looking at his own toe, I began to face expressionless, but leaning on the fingers of the towel to deepen the strength, until there was no wring the water was I pressed out. He looked at my reaction and leaned over. A long while, his fingers scratched my head. Just this time, like what was determined. Nothing, I just want to tell you that, he said. Be a sigh of relief, the towel from the face to win down, repeated stack, folded and spread, I know. I said. I also think you should have known for a long time. He sighed his arm on his back and looked at the ceiling. Otherwise you will not be ashamed of me. Faint pull pull the mouth, I looked down at both sides of the long hair has been down to the hair, feel the air dignified. I often think about it, it should be around you, or further guarding you. He said, tone like a sigh, You are a fragile child, very sensitive straight pole. Perhaps these, even your own I do not know, but I know, so I thought to protect you and keep it going. Looked at the towel in my hand and took a breath, I said, Actually, I thought we would not meet for a longer time. Is it He asked, and turned to look at me, slightly raised his mouth. I thought so at the beginning, but I knew that t.ndle Dancing them are hurry up to pick up, Thunder took a bowl, so that Zhang Guolin put the popsicles are inside. Zhang Guolin put down the popsicles, he kept walking whirring, really frozen me. And laughing and laughing on the dance and Guo Xiu said You quickly eat, do not eat on the downstairs old man s freezer seems Not to use. Guo embroidered hand to the bowl to find What is it I want to eat red beans. Dance feel Guo embroidery action too unsightly, for her embarrassing, eyes do not know where to put good, Inadvertently saw the thunder is she smiled, eyes flashing understanding and tolerance of light, as if to know what she was thinking. Slowly spit out the tongue, smiling toward the Thunder. Guo Xiu and Zhang Guolin finally pick up the popsicles, Guo embroidered with popsicles, said Dancing, what you want to taste Diao laugh I do not care, we first pick it. Zhang Guolin muttering Well, otherwise , The cream of the mung bean Chocolate Thunder said There are orange flavor of what, to the taste of playing orange it. Looking back with the eyes of the views of dance. Oh, good, orange taste it. She actually want to eat chocolate flavor, but since the Thunder so enthusiastic to jump out of the call, she also does not matter, what is a cowboy suit like something like. Diao said home bamboo, wearing a cowboy is not very good. Bamboo thought Otherwise, inside the white shirt, if the TV station, but also wild. Dancing nodded, smiled and said White shirt plus three bone pants, seaweed like long hair, it is estimated that Shu will like. Home bamboo laugh In the end what is the three bone pants, I have not figured out now, anyway, wearing a dark blue is not wrong Of the dark blue cloth pants with a white shirt and then a cowboy jacket, put your hair tied up, should still be very refreshing. Dodo put on for everyone to see, the girls have the idea, the last three ring said Bamboo laughs Yes, so be it, so look good, clear water out of the hibiscus, how to do it, Natural to carve , you have to have confidence in their appearance. Chapter 44 The end of the audition, dancing back to school late. Bedroom only a bamboo home, she entered the door of a bamboo stood up, carefully look at her face, softly asked how Doubled wooden face looked at her, silent. Home bamboo a little panic, quietly followed her to see her off the jacket, put on a sweater, and quickly helped her to hang the coat, picking back to see her, suddenly blooming a bright smile, a hug home bamboo, loud start laug.

Cards Against Humanity Trump d of what Thunder stopped, quietly watching the lake do not sound, danced from his back to see that he is big mouth to breathe. Dancing to his side, whispered Thunder, do not you really did not think of this result Thunder said sternly dance, how can you talk so ugly I explained to you so much, why can not you Understand my meaning Duo feel badly hurt, tears have long been wet through the scarf, she resisted choked, slowly said Thunder, I was so ugly is hope to wake you, do not think people pay Let you read, just ask you to read cards against humanity 2016 black friday so simple. She subconsciously pull the thunder of the arm, eagerly said Are you willing to go abroad to accompany a strange girl You are not out of country ah, we Wait two years, so you graduated, and their own money out just fine, why so anxious Thunder fell her arm, turned to face her, eyes also tears flashing Dancing, I remember I told you that my mother got a very serious illness, I want to try to shorten the cards against humanity trump learning time, I want to hurry Make money, to let my mother live a better day as soon as cards against humanity trump possible. Dancing that the nose was rushing to cards against humanity trump cry, she sobbed for a while before saying Are there so anxious Emergency to need you to do such a thing The Thunder snapped need He ordered a cigarette, hard to suck In a.o be here. , Face affixed to her sleeve home bamboo, really envy you. Home bamboo laugh fool, a pair of gloves you are so moved Thunder is good for you, how do you not move I ll sleep for a while, and you will not talk to me. Dance at night to get up, a room girl chirp chat to eat, so terrible, dancing lying, had to get up. Home bamboo said are lying for a day, this time up for what, it is better to sleep tomorrow. Chuckle up my face to wash your teeth and then sleep well.I feel my stinky, out of several sweat. The third cards against humanity trump ring said Come on, your thunder in the afternoon so many times are not seen, come back at night, how do you have to say hello with others. Dancing do not speak, the end of the basin slowly swallow Swallowed out and heard the thunder in the corridor to call her name below. Home bamboo chase out, said You go to a trip, snow days, do not let people run around again, and then how pique do not be too self willed. Dancing cards against humanity geek pack ignore her, go to the water room, home Bamboo took her washbasin, put the cotton coat for her, made good and evil to push her to the stairs. Dancing slowly downstairs, saw the thunder standing in the hall, look haggard. Her soft heart, nose a little sour, hesitated or went to his side to go. Thunder said What.

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