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Lastest Cards Against Humanity , is not what things Feng Yin have a way, she has any great ability, all things can shake Bamboo also laugh, scraping Her face look Yes yes, she is the Yee shake the tree, ridiculous not from the amount, right Bamboo frowned Yeah, my words simply pun, ah, Haha, you see Feng Yin and the relationship between the tree now in the end how Laughing how do I know, but since the tree know what Feng Yin trick, it seems that the relationship is near. She bowed his feet under the leaves of the leaves, long boots in the leaves of the stack, Of the earth. Home bamboo to see her, smiled and said But not to give you a ventilated letter The tree can have this long, has been pretty good. Dancing did not make a sound, long time only looked up and laughed In fact, now Think about it, that time I am also like the new grass is always old, thunder and trees compared, of course, more attractive, is not it Home bamboo laugh, for a moment before humming the lastest cards against humanity lyrics Maybe I occasionally want him, occasionally inevitable Will be thinking about him, when he is an old friend, ah, also let me feel bad, let me care. And then tilted his head to see the dance You said the tree is not the mentality of you Smile, but also grunted But my heart no longer sparks, so that the p.oller coaster, dance and thunder stand to the side of the gas, two people looked at each other, laughing, dancing said I really like to sit here, too much like. Thunder said I am not as good as you feel dizzy Duo laughing at him, tiptoe for him to fall to the forehead of the hair line and up, two people smile. They swung to the east and shook the West, all the items can play all play again, only to buy ice cream to sit down to eat. Thunder said Today people really much, hot not hot Dancing shook his head, the sweat on his forehead are rub in the Thunder s lastest cards against humanity sleeves, big mouth to eat ice cream. Thunder a hand holding ice cream, the other hand to continue to take the guide map to her fan, dancing said Well, do not fan. Thunder said Do you want to play elsewhere Dancing looked around I would like to take a roller coaster. Thunder ah a cry, said with a wry smile Really Dancing his arm twisted his arms Well okay, and then accompany , Okay Thunder wrapped, but had to stand up and accompany her to line up. Out of the playground, the weather is dark down, thinly drizzle drizzle, thunder, said Let s find a place to hide it. Diao said What kind of rain, you see people are astigmatism, here The scenery is so good.We slowly walk. Diao look up to see th.

he put the cotton buckle, the scarf pulled more tightly, kicked to collapse to move forward. The campus of the road is full of people, we crowded the collision, but are very cards against humanity v 1.4 happy incredible, dancing with the flow of people walking, do not know why there is a little crying, thinking, if this time a person walking in my Next cards against humanity price to my hand, then cold and then how about it Where is he, where are you Dancing at a loss looked up, in the crowd silly looked again, and bowed his head, thinking, where it is so clever enough to run it Where will he be in this time Duo slowly leave the crowd, go to the big playground, where will he breeze it Went to the playground, Heiqu Qu, where there are silhouette Dancing standing next to the row of steps, open the local wind is particularly cold, about what to penetrate her cotton, standing for a while, dancing feel silly, and turned back to the road. I thought, I see how their face ah, to engage with the abandoned people like, silly not stupid ah She mocked for a while, or could not help but out of the door, think of roasted sweet potato stall to see, this time she ran this stall too many times, selling sweet potatoes have met her. She went to the stall, the thin man is stabbing the stove, looked up and saw the room was noisy hear, even more loudly fed a few times. Suddenly heard the other end of the phone, said Yes. Dancing immediately feel the whole body is tightened. She whispered Is the tree The tree chen said Yes, you can come down I am in your home downstairs public telephone booth. Slow slowly jump slowly Downstairs Then you wait for me for a while, I change clothes. She panic ran back to the room for clothes, opened the cabinet door do not know which one to wear. Mother said at the door Dancing, who s the phone Dancing hastily took off the apron, casually pulled the pieces T S put on, opened the door with my mother said Mom, bowl and so I come back to wash, Having finished the door and went downstairs. Out of the door, but she calm down. For the meeting that is about to begin, she does not know what kind of mentality to deal with. She slowly went downstairs, the corridor in the voice of light to light up the first time. To the door of the unit, dancing gently press the button, I heard the door click open. She opened the door, saw the tree standing across the door, the moon straight to him, his young silhouette in the moon looks handsome. Dancing Leng Leng to see him, suddenly feel strange. Although only one month did not see, arms, said Well, I believe you. Thunder clinging to her, no longer speak. Friday dancing in the dormitory inside shamelessly, is not willing to go to study, home bamboo fork looked at her waist, smiled and said Hey, shameless king, tomorrow business English classes to test, you really do not hug Doudiao muttering really should not join in the fun with you reported that such a class, exhausted people, and 10 classes down to have nine to come to do the report, really sick of my tomorrow to play truant, MISS Zhuang no way to me Bamboo laughs She likes you, boast your pronunciation is, you do not live up to others. Dancing with a pillow to block the face I m sorry, home bamboo, I am not, you please self. Bamboo pulled her up and put the book in her hand Go away, do not live up to the position of the people. Square column is standing at the door of the library waiting for them. Home bamboo said Why do not you go in Side laugh The seat was robbed, and I quarreled with them. Bamboo said ah Quarreled you like a seat, quarrel Do not you like that seat I left the book at noon, and the result was pushed to the other side. Dancing around the side of the box light quarrel You look at the neck here, is lastest cards against humanity the swollen it Bamboo ah a cry, frowned, said W.

Lastest Cards Against Humanity attention of that person, but looked up to see the tree. The tree looks grim, thick eyebrows tangled together, as if there is a faint dark clouds shrouded, he pulled a dance of the wrist, snapped, said You go with me. Diao was he was hurt, His voice was shocked. Next to the people on the table are over, dancing embarrassed, had to stand up. Home bamboo also stood up, hand on the hands of the tree tree, you lastest cards against humanity do not do this, you let go dance. Tree staring at her home bamboo, you do not control. He turned to pull the dance Go out, dance by him made a stagger, toes knock on the wooden stool, the pain was sucked a cold air. The tree looked back, biting his lips, or pulling her away. Home tree quickly to keep up tree, you do not like this, there is something to say. Here is the library, you do not disturb everyone to learn. Tree Chen Sheng said You go away. origiral cards against humanity This is the two of us The side of the column also came and said buddy, you do not be too much, bully girls can not. The tree crossed him one, grabbed his chest clothes Are you a thunder Side of a push him, straightened his chest and said do, want to dry rack Others looked up and looked at the side, there are a few boys ran over to liven up around a circle. You do not do this, he is a column.hed I say how you support the other side, how do you sit down this square We are you Of the opponent s school. Dancing bite the lips, his giggle to quit. In the mouth to see the thunder in a few flowers of the girls surrounded by the outside, dancing shouted Thunder Thunder did not hear, and that a few girls walked out of the channel. Dance sigh, back in the stadium inside looked around, hope to see Guo embroidery. To the dark, dancing very depressed, she put the school a few main road turn over a times, out of several body through the sweat, did not see the shadow of Guo embroidery. Forced, she had to go to the graduate building. The door to her is the thunder. He smiled happily Yeah, how do you dance Dancing heard the room inside the head is very lively, it seems that many people chatting joke, shake hands that do not go in, at the door, said Guo embroidered in the Thunder said Oh, she came, and later went out with Zhang Guolin. What are the girls in lastest cards against humanity our college, uh, maybe you know it is 93. He let the door open and want to get into it. Dancing saw the door sitting in the top of some girls, Ying Yu Yan language is very lively. There is a girl is looking up at the door, is the school famous school flower. I m not going in, you go on, I m.

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